Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gun Crimes Lead To Dangerous Biohazard Scenes

No matter where you live in the United States, gun crimes are still a reality that we face daily.  From large metropolitan areas to rural small towns, Bio Scene Clean Up receives frequent calls from authorities and property owners requesting crime scene, death and blood cleanup services. In many of these cases, shootings were accidental but there is still a major volume of violent gun crimes committed each year.

Several factors attribute to these crimes and many times involve domestic disagreements, murder/suicides and people who are subject to illegal drug use or anti-depressant medications.  Though statistics of the individual causes aren’t known, the same common biohazard denominator is true in all scenes involving shootings.  Blood, bodily fluids and other matter is present in these scenes and it must be professionally cleaned and removed in order to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

Some authorities make referrals of professional crime scene cleanup companies like Bio Scene Clean Up but many leave the responsibility up to the victims, family members and property owners to find a certified biohazard cleanup company.  We possess the qualifications and necessary certifications to properly clean up death, murder, suicide and crime scenes and also provide services to decontaminate illegal drug scenes (meth labs) or the biohazards from hoarding and gross filth conditions.

Depending on the state you reside in, each municipality has their own regulations and protocol for the handling, removal and disposal of biohazard waste.  Although there are some federal regulations, it’s important to know these protocols and regulations. Any individual attempting to clean up these types of scenes who isn’t certified and does not follow these protocols could very easily find themselves liable for improper clean up practices and may be putting the health of themselves and others in jeopardy.  Whenever there is a presence of blood, tissue, fluids and other biohazards special industrial chemicals and equipment are needed to ensure the scenes are free from biohazards and completely decontaminated.  If a scene is improperly cleaned it’s possible to have horrible odors and the presence of some dangerous pathogens or biohazards can remain present for weeks or months after clean up is performed.

If you experience any of these types of scenarios, please contact our office immediately. The cost of professional cleanup services is far less than the liability you face from improper cleanup of these dangerous scenes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fingerprint Dusting Cleanup and Potential Hazards

If you are the victim of a crime, you’ll have enough to worry about just dealing with the trauma and details after the police and investigators leave.  Some forces employ professional crime scene cleaners like Bio Scene Clean Up to clean the aftermath of a crime however often times it’s left up to the victims themselves to clean.

Depending on the type of crime the scene may have hidden biohazards that most untrained people would not think about.  If it’s a violent crime scene, there is usually a presence of blood or other bodily fluids that can be transferred to various areas of the scene in the process of investigators dusting for prints. The dusting powder used leaves residue on everything in the area. Carpets, furniture and other elements like doors, windows and walls are often covered with residue.  Although very difficult to clean and properly remove, Bio Scene Clean Up utilizes industrial solutions and various equipment to remediate crime scenes. We ensure your property will be returned to a sanitized pre-incident state.

If there is a presence of blood or other bodily fluids, we advise you not to attempt to clean the scene on your own.  Blood and other fluids, once dried, can become airborne and molecules can attach to the fingerprint dust. This means that these areas may potentially contain deadly bio-organisms that can be easily ingested with dust particles in the air or may adhere to clothing or other fabrics and transferred to other areas or people. This type of clean up generally requires a professional company that can remove and dispose of all biohazard waste the proper way. We are a certified biohazard removal company and possess the necessary permits and experience to properly clean and sanitize your property so it’s free from all biohazards.

If you have been the victim of a crime or know someone who is required to clean up a crime, death or suicide scene, contact our office immediately so we can help access the scene and provide you with protection from these dangerous biohazards. We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch services and guarantee that your property will be restored to a safe environment efficiently.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ever Growing Problems with Arson in Attempt to Cover Up Crime Scenes

"A man, his wife and their two teenage children were shot before the million-dollar home they were renting burned down in what investigators called arson, a fire perhaps exacerbated by fireworks and gasoline, authorities said Thursday." 

"Pasco Sheriff says fatal Hudson fire was cover-up for murder" 

"Stonebridge Fire Apparently Part of a Murder-Suicide" 

Above are just a few of the headlines recently plaguing local and national news.  Financial issues, fidelity, mental illness, illicit drug usage and theft are just a few of the many of reasons for one to commit a murder or murder/suicide. The uncanny methods used by the crime scene investigation shows on TV and the internet are a testament as to how  DNA, bodily fluids and hair samples lead to the unquestionable conviction of a murderer.  

There is an alarmingly growing number of arson cases surfacing.  Attempting to disguise a death scene, suicide scene or both.  An attempt to damage the evidence which might otherwise be used to convict the arsonist crime scene analysts invariably get to the covert pathogens hidden beneath the rubble.  After they have exhausted their investigation and the crime scene is cleared, biohazard specialists are regularly called in to remediate the location.  It is essential that the premises be free from the hidden pathogens such as bodily fluids and DNA that were the intended target of destruction.  Such organisms form a potential health and biohazard threat to anyone that comes into contact with them.   Law enforcement organizations throughout the state call in biohazard specialists like Bio Scene Clean Up to remediate the location.  

Clearly these crime scenes cannot be restored to its original state however,  the professional and discreet technicians at Bio Scene Clean Up have the experience to handle all aspects of a biohazard conditions.  They can secure the location to be safe for demolition crews and allow the removal of the debris left in the aftermath of such a catastrophe.  

When investigating an arson that was used in an attempt to cover a murder/suicide scene and a biohazard clean up is required, Bio Scene Clean Up professionals will secure your location as sanitary and pathogen free. Contact our office for more information about our services.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The unknown dangers of transitioning from high school to college

The time is quickly approaching for the Graduating Class of 2014 High School Students to transition to college life.  Whether they're traveling across the country or just across town to attend their chosen campus, their previously safe and sanitary environment will become vulnerable to many of the biohazards that public life affords.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleaning in the entire State of Florida.

Photo courtesy of USF
One of 5 college women are raped during their college years according to the CDC’s 2012 statistics.  Most survivors of sexual assaults are full time students.  Approximately 1/3 of the survivors are 1st year students between the ages of 17-19.  Left behind are invisible organisms for which a Biohazard clean-up is required. Colleges across the state are often faced with contracting a biohazard company like  Bio Scene Clean Up to remediate these scenes. We employ technicians who are experienced in all aspects of biohazard clean-up professionally and discretely.

An equally serious scenario under which Biohazard teams are imperative is the cleanup of microbes left behind after an unruly campus party.  The inappropriate, unintentional discharge of a biohazard, such as urine, fecal matter or other bodily fluid,  are significant health concerns. These scenes pose an immediate health risk to anyone who may come in contact.  Bodily fluid cleanup must be immediately addressed, to ensure the health and safety of all students. The liability of  universities must be  diminished. We are familiar with state and local regulations and OSHA guidelines and provide certified remediation services to ensure proper cleanup protocol.

If you have children planning to attend a university for the first time, we urge you to discuss these potential dangers.  If you are a member of a university administration please contact our office for additional information on the services we offer and areas we cover.  We maintain  24 hour emergency dispatch  for immediate response to your biohazard needs.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Suicide statistics in relation to anti-depressant medications

Over the past decade the statistics in suicides have shifted from what used to be primarily an older generation with failing health and deaths of spouses to a much younger generation ranging in age from 15 to 44 years.
Shows suicide increase from 2012 - 2013
Bio Scene Clean Up specializes in death clean up, suicide clean up and other death related biohazard remediation.  With every suicide there is definitely biohazard matter widespread at every scene.  Many of these biohazard pathogens are not visible to the human eye. Cleanup requires special equipment and industrial chemicals that are not available to individuals outside of our industry.  The clean up process should never be attempted by untrained individuals using common household chemicals. For the safety of others surrounding any death scene, we must be positive that every possibility of a biohazard is removed from this scene and under certain instances the removal of structure elements such as flooring and walls is necessary to ensure the safety of the property.

Statistics indicate that a rise in clinical depression could cause the annual suicide fatality to rise to 1.5 million 2020. Many prescribed medications boast a clear warning that they may cause suicidal tendencies and the ratio of suicides in relation to the patients who consume these prescription medications is astounding.  We have also noticed a steady increase in Murder – Suicide clean ups.  Frequently our company receive s calls to perform biohazard clean up for Murder and Trauma Scenes and on almost every job we’re hired for there is a direct relation to anti-depressant medications.

If you find yourself in need of our services, or know someone that does.  Contact our office for immediate response dispatch. Our main goal is to restore our client’s property to a safe, bio free environment as soon as possible.  In doing so, we extinguish the liabilities that our clients would have if this type of scene were unattended or improperly cleaned.

We are trained to deal with tragic situations in a discreet, professional manner and can assist our clients with processing paperwork pertaining to insurance claims or other organizations who assist in covering the costs of our biohazard cleanup services.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Construction accident cleanup calls are frequent for biohazard cleanup companies

Construction in our country is always in high demand. Whether commercial or residential, large or small, this industry has always been in the top percentile of workplace accidents and many contain some form of biohazard issues that must be professionally cleaned up to avoid liability.

Bio Scene Clean Up serves the largest portion of Florida and these accident calls are frequent.  Because of our climate and exceptionally good weather year round, there are construction projects working year round.  We are experienced in many forms of workplace accidents including slip n falls, power tool accidents, deaths by heavy equipment and general accidents that have a presence of blood, tissues and bodily fluids.

These accident scenes must be properly cleaned and all biohazards removed to protect other workers and anyone who may come in contact with pathogens or other possible infections materials that may be present.  These scenarios, when not properly cleaned may potentially be a huge liability for the company or property owner of the construction site.  Some pathogens can become airborne and ingested by others and certain infectious diseases and biohazards from blood or bodily fluids can remain present and dangerous for weeks if not months after an accident occurs.

If blood and fluids are present and not properly cleaned and sanitized the smell from this can linger on for months. It’s important that a professional, experienced biohazard clean up company like Bio Scene Clean Up remediate the scene and return it to a safe environment as soon as possible.  We are specifically trained to find elements that cannot be seen with the naked eye and are a certified biohazard waste disposal company.  These certifications are required for the removal and disposal of most any form of biohazards found at a workplace accident.

If you own a construction company, please contact our company for more information on the areas that we cover and what you’ll need to do immediately if an accident occurs on your job site.  We offer emergency dispatch services 7 days a week to assist our clients. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Foreclosure Homes Contain Hidden Biohazards

Florida has been faced with thousands of foreclosures over the past few years and although the market appears to be strengthening foreclosure is still a harsh reality for many homeowners. Bio Scene Clean Up provides services to clean up foreclosed homes and return them to a safe and disinfected habitable property for banks, real estate companies and private owners.

It is not uncommon for foreclosed properties to be left in an unsanitary condition when occupants move out.  Often times these homes are subject to vandalism or squatters who leave these homes soiled with urine, feces, dangerous drug paraphernalia and other harmful substance. This creates a nightmare for banks and real estate companies who try to market these homes for resale.

In circumstances like these, the bank or real estate personnel are not trained to clean or remediate the properties therefore they rely on the services of a professional biohazard clean up company like Bio Scene Clean Up.  We posses extensive experience in handling these types of difficult cleaning jobs. We also perform Hoarding, death, suicide, trauma and crime scene  cleanup jobs in Florida.  We provide complete removal of biohazards, sanitation and restoration of these properties or scenes to a habitable condition.

Florida is an especially difficult state because of the warm climate and the large number of swimming pools that are not properly maintained in a foreclosure situation.  If you are a bank or private owners, you may be liable to your local authorities if these types of hazards go unattended.  We also offer maintenance services for banks and private homeowners while the property is being marketed.

If you need this type of scene clean up or decontamination guidance, please contact our office for more information on the services we provide and areas we cover.  We are available 24 hours a day with emergency response dispatch and can assist with procedures for insurance claims and other payment assistance options.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Why hospice agencies use biohazard cleanup companies

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains relationships with several hospice agencies throughout the State of Florida. These agencies help terminal patients with end of life care, more commonly for patients who wish to die peacefully in the privacy of their own home. So, why do these agencies utilize the services of professional death scene and biohazard cleanup companies.

When a person dies at home several factors can cause the death scene to be a biohazard area that should not be cleaned by untrained professionals.  When a person expires, bodily fluids, urine, feces and in some instances blood are expelled from the body causing an immediate biohazard threat to the health of others.  After death, professionals like a coroner, or funeral home personnel remove the body but they do not perform clean up of the death scene.  These types of biohazard scenes cannot be cleaned with ordinary household products.  The cleanup process requires industrial chemicals and equipment specifically used for the removal and restoration of biohazard scenes.  The debris and materials that remain after the body has been removed must also be disposed of following proper biohazard waste disposal protocols.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in all forms of biohazard clean up and disposal. We clean many types of scenes such as death, crime, trauma, suicide, industrial accidents and even filthy living conditions from things like meth-labs or hoarding.  All of these types of jobs require trained professionals that know how to properly remediate a scene and return it to a safe environment free from contamination and health hazards.  Without companies like ours performing these clean up tasks, individuals and agencies like local hospices, police or coroners would have to complete these cleanups and the health risks and liabilities are too great. It would also be an exuberant cost to train these agencies in the proper protocols that need to be followed.

If you find yourself in need of these types of services, please contact our office for more information on how we can assist. Even if you are a private individual with an aging or terminally ill family member who’s wish is to die at home, it’s important that you know the risks associated once the patient has expired and the liability that you have if you do not properly cleanup these scenes.