Monday, May 19, 2014

The unknown dangers of transitioning from high school to college

The time is quickly approaching for the Graduating Class of 2014 High School Students to transition to college life.  Whether they're traveling across the country or just across town to attend their chosen campus, their previously safe and sanitary environment will become vulnerable to many of the biohazards that public life affords.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleaning in the entire State of Florida.

Photo courtesy of USF
One of 5 college women are raped during their college years according to the CDC’s 2012 statistics.  Most survivors of sexual assaults are full time students.  Approximately 1/3 of the survivors are 1st year students between the ages of 17-19.  Left behind are invisible organisms for which a Biohazard clean-up is required. Colleges across the state are often faced with contracting a biohazard company like  Bio Scene Clean Up to remediate these scenes. We employ technicians who are experienced in all aspects of biohazard clean-up professionally and discretely.

An equally serious scenario under which Biohazard teams are imperative is the cleanup of microbes left behind after an unruly campus party.  The inappropriate, unintentional discharge of a biohazard, such as urine, fecal matter or other bodily fluid,  are significant health concerns. These scenes pose an immediate health risk to anyone who may come in contact.  Bodily fluid cleanup must be immediately addressed, to ensure the health and safety of all students. The liability of  universities must be  diminished. We are familiar with state and local regulations and OSHA guidelines and provide certified remediation services to ensure proper cleanup protocol.

If you have children planning to attend a university for the first time, we urge you to discuss these potential dangers.  If you are a member of a university administration please contact our office for additional information on the services we offer and areas we cover.  We maintain  24 hour emergency dispatch  for immediate response to your biohazard needs.

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