Thursday, May 15, 2014

Suicide statistics in relation to anti-depressant medications

Over the past decade the statistics in suicides have shifted from what used to be primarily an older generation with failing health and deaths of spouses to a much younger generation ranging in age from 15 to 44 years.
Shows suicide increase from 2012 - 2013
Bio Scene Clean Up specializes in death clean up, suicide clean up and other death related biohazard remediation.  With every suicide there is definitely biohazard matter widespread at every scene.  Many of these biohazard pathogens are not visible to the human eye. Cleanup requires special equipment and industrial chemicals that are not available to individuals outside of our industry.  The clean up process should never be attempted by untrained individuals using common household chemicals. For the safety of others surrounding any death scene, we must be positive that every possibility of a biohazard is removed from this scene and under certain instances the removal of structure elements such as flooring and walls is necessary to ensure the safety of the property.

Statistics indicate that a rise in clinical depression could cause the annual suicide fatality to rise to 1.5 million 2020. Many prescribed medications boast a clear warning that they may cause suicidal tendencies and the ratio of suicides in relation to the patients who consume these prescription medications is astounding.  We have also noticed a steady increase in Murder – Suicide clean ups.  Frequently our company receive s calls to perform biohazard clean up for Murder and Trauma Scenes and on almost every job we’re hired for there is a direct relation to anti-depressant medications.

If you find yourself in need of our services, or know someone that does.  Contact our office for immediate response dispatch. Our main goal is to restore our client’s property to a safe, bio free environment as soon as possible.  In doing so, we extinguish the liabilities that our clients would have if this type of scene were unattended or improperly cleaned.

We are trained to deal with tragic situations in a discreet, professional manner and can assist our clients with processing paperwork pertaining to insurance claims or other organizations who assist in covering the costs of our biohazard cleanup services.

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