Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arrive Alive in 2014

As we enter a New Year, we extend our appreciation to all of our clients, family and friends.  Ordinarily we post information that pertains to our services but as we wind down 2013, we feel it's important to share this information with everyone:

(Article courtesy of The National Safety Council)
The National Safety Council today released its estimates of traffic fatalities for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday periods. The Christmas holiday period – 6:00 p.m. December 24 through 11:59 December 25 – is estimated to result in 105 traffic fatalities and another 11,200 medically consulted injuries. The New Year’s holiday period – 6:00 p.m. December 31 through 11:59 January 1 – is estimated to result in 156 traffic fatalities and 16,700 medically consulted injuries. 
A new “Alcohol-impaired motor vehicle deaths during holiday periods” infographic from Safety+Health magazine indicates that the holiday period with the highest average percentage of alcohol-impaired traffic deaths is New Year’s at 42 percent. NSC offers the following tips:  
  • Even if you’re “just a little buzzed,” don’t drive
  • Designate a “non-drinking” driver or take a cab
  • Don’t feel embarrassed to refuse a ride from an impaired driver – even if it’s a friend or spouse
“Holidays are meant to be a time for celebration,” said John Ulczycki, vice president of strategic initiatives at the National Safety Council. “The Council provides these estimates to help remind all drivers to practice defensive driving habits and make smart decisions on the roads to avoid unnecessary tragedy.”
Studies have shown that safety belts are 45 percent effective in preventing fatalities. It is estimated that 38 lives may be saved this Christmas holiday period and 57 lives may be saved during New Year’s because people choose to wear safety belts. NSC recommends: 
  • Wear your safety belt every trip, every time – even when traveling a short distance
  • Model this safe behavior, especially in front of children
  • Ensure everyone is safely buckled up before you drive
  • Place children in age-appropriate safety seats
We want to wish you all a Safe & Happy Holiday and look forward to a very prosperous 2014.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do you have a CLEAN New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that time of year when we all vow to clean up the messes from our previous years and sometimes the years have become decades of junk, debris and un-cleanliness.  Recently, the term “Hoarding” has become a commonly known term in the age of TV Reality Shows.  The truth is, these situations have been an ongoing problem in thousands of homes across America. 

As each New Year approaches it brings a certain awareness that the upcoming year will be better than previous years only to soon realize that the tasks of cleaning and sorting through the piles of trash and unwanted items is overwhelming and quickly settle back into old habits. 

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in the clean up and removal of debris from hoarding, abandoned properties and even death and trauma scenes.  If you make the decision that it’s time to clean it’s important that you hire a professional company that can help with proper cleaning of these scenes. Months and years of trash, junk and rubble can often times be a breeding ground for infectious conditions, bacteria and other harmful substances.  It’s imperative that you not attempt to clean these scenes without taking the proper precautionary measures to protect yourself.  Trash and debris removal is only one small part of the cleaning process. Organizing, cleaning and boxing of salvaged items, proper disinfecting and returning the scene to a totally safe environment are other parts of what we do. We are not a cleaning service and do not clean commercial properties.  We specialize in the safe cleaning and restoration of scenes that frequently contain bio-hazardous materials and other harmful substances. 

Bio Scene Clean Up is a fully equipped team of compassionate professionals experienced in helping people restore scenes to healthy conditions.  We maintain certifications, utilize professional equipment and chemicals and have contacts that assist in safely disposing of waste from these scenes.  

The primary reason for these scenes going unattended for such long periods is simple embarrassment.  The task of doing this alone is too great for one person and people are afraid to ask for help to remedy the problem.  Our technicians are trained to assist with the emotional support necessary to get the job completed. We work directly with our clients step by step to ensure that the problems are addressed and solutions are offered to avoid re-occurrence. 

Contact us today for a confidential assessment and action plan to help you take control of your overwhelming tasks.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Bio Scene Clean Up

Instead of posting a normal informational article this week, I wanted to take an opportunity to to personally thank everyone for their business, support and well wishes throughout 2013.Often in the rush of business we fail to take every opportunity to say "Thank You" to those that support our businesses. We value each and every one of you.

We are excited about many great things for 2014 and look forward to our continued relationships with our clients and viewers. We welcome interaction and the opportunity to communicate with everyone.

 If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to submit a communication request or drop a comment.

Bio Scene Clean Up wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and wish each of you our blessing for a prosperous New Year in 2014. 

Marc Onesta - Owner 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why employ professional clean up for unattended death scenes?

Any time someone dies it can be a difficult and emotional time. It’s even harder if the body was unattended at the time of death as it only adds complication and trauma to the situation.  If you happen to be the unfortunate one to discover the death, it’s important to know that you need a professional bio-hazard cleaning service.

Unattended death can be a very hazardous situation.  Most often times the scene contains urine, feces, blood and other bodily fluids and all are in a state of decomposition.  This poses an extreme risk of exposure to infectious diseases and individuals who are not properly trained can be exposed to infectious diseases.  Decomposing body fluids can contain germs, active disease and bacteria for a  very long time.  Even if an untrained cleaner wasn’t exposed to these elements, the EPA and OSHA have strict regulations on the cleaning and disposal of these types of bio-hazardous materials.  

It is also common for the scene of an unattended death to have extreme odors that will remain even after removing the body.  These odors cannot be extinguished by ordinary household cleaners. These household cleaners will mask the odor temporarily only for them to return a few hours later. BioScene Clean Up utilizes equipment to permanently remove these odors from effected materials. The chemicals we use are designed to neutralize odors at the molecular level so they won’t return.  We are also dedicated to ensuring the safety of anyone associated with this type of scene.  We cannot stress how important it is to hire a professional bio-hazard clean up company to perform this work.  

 BioScene Clean Up is fully equipped to handle unattended death clean up scenes. We maintain the equipment and advanced training to properly handle the scene of an unattended death.  Our cleaning technicians are professional and have the utmost compassion when dealing with the details of these tasks. We understand what a difficult time it is and work efficiently to clean and restore a home to its original state.  BioScene Clean Up also offers additional services that can assist you in cleaning debris, clutter and other items from these scenes.  Please see our services and certifications section for more details.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 3 questions to Tampa's Biohazard Clean Up Company

The most important thing in handling the crime scene clean up is that affected things should be cleaned in a way by which life will be danger free in future. It is imperative that one employs the help of the experienced bio hazard technicians who are certified and well trained to remove the fluid materials of body and blood or other bio-hazard materials.  Often there are various items such as walls, carpet, furniture, wallpaper, flooring, etc that will need to be disposed of in the red bio-hazard bags.  Disposal can usually be taken to a state-regulated and federal- regulated site. Laws do not permit the use of dumpster to dispose the items. According to the laws of federal and state, a bio-hazard clean up will need to store the records of the place where disposal is taken place and include what was disposed. It is suggested that these records be stored for 30 years. It’s also important that permits and certification information be retained for the same amount of time should they ever need to be reviewed. 

Why is trauma and crime scene clean up so dangerous? The cleanup process of a scene may be easy and simple. But, clean up technicians have to be trained in how to handle materials to avoid contact with deadly diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases that can be occurred by affection of bio-hazards. Frequently sharp items that can puncture your skin are found to be present during clean up. It’s also possible that a cleaner’s mouth and eyes can be affected accidently during the removal of biohazard items. 

Why should someone call a bio-hazard clean up company?  When it comes to cleaning and removal from a bio-hazard trauma scene, family members, friends or people associated want to clean the scene themselves. Seldom do they realize that the tasks are physically and emotionally overwhelming. BioScene Clean Up is trained in the removal of bio-hazard items such as body fluids, decomposing bodies, human tissues, hypodermic needles, blood, etc.  Our technicians are fully trained and certified in the removal of these materials and have been specifically trained to restore a scene to a better than original condition. Utilizing a trained professional company like BioScene Clean Up enables you to avoid the emotional distress of the work. Anyone attempting to clean a biohazard scene may also run the risk of certain liabilities should someone cleaning become exposed to harmful items and substances. BioScene Clean Up also provides disinfecting services to help restore scenes.

Who pays for bio-hazard and crime scene clean up? Depending on the circumstances and where the incident occurs, ordinarily the insurance company pays for the clean up. Every insurance carrier is different and certain restrictions may apply.  Anyone having to hire a professional clean up company should contact the insurance company to review these limitations; if any.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tampa's compassionate suicide clean up services

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention statistics show that there are over 34,000 suicides in the United States every year. It is the third leading cause of death among young adults aged 15 to 28, and the fourth leading cause of death for those aged 18 to 65.

Those who have not experienced a suicide in the family, the needless loss of a sibling or child, cannot imagine the grief and pain the family suffers. Trying to clean such a tragic scene can be a hardship far beyond measure. While no one likes to think of their own home as a biohazard, in extreme circumstances it may be emotionally traumatizing or physically unwise to tackle a cleaning job by yourself.

After an accident, suicide or death occurs and the dead or injured have been taken away, it’s often companies like BioScene Clean Up that are brought in to clean up the scene. Frequently we are called to the home of a person who died alone and whose body wasn't found for weeks. Bioscene Clean Up provides clean up services dealing with blood, human decomposition, excrement and any other type of biological hazard.

Photo courtesy of AP
Our main objective is to remove all contaminated material from a home, business or automobile and restore it to a biologically safe state. Bioscene staff members arrive at a scene, assess the extent of the cleaning and then compose a plan of action and implement it. From start to finish, we are on site to complete the tasks, right down to ensuring removal of materials from the biohazard disposal unit.

With corporate offices St Petersburg, Florida we are able to serve the entire state with professional & compassionate suicide clean up services. Contact our staff today for a confidential assessment of how we can restore a scene for you. The grief is hard enough, with our professional services we are able to eliminate the additional pain for individuals associated with these types of traumatic events.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Who handles Trauma Scene Clean Up in Tampa, FL?

The police, fire and other rescue departments play a crucial part in handling the many tasks after a death or suicide. These crucial professionals however, do not clean up the trauma scene. Trauma-scene clean up is a niche market within the cleaning industry and many clean up steps following a trauma must adhere to strict regulations for handling decontamination and materials.

Special equipment, chemicals and materials are necessary when performing this type of clean up as it involves dangerous and most often contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned up using conventional house cleaning methods. Depending on the location of the trauma scene, different precautionary practices become applicable to ensure safety.

Some different types of Trauma Scene Clean Up can be:
Death Clean Up (Resulting from death, accidents or a trauma such as murder)
Suicide Clean Up
Biohazard Clean Up (Clean up of blood and other hazardous wastes, meth labs and other chemically contaminated scenes)

BioScene Clean Up offers these cleaning services and more. With offices located in Tampa, FL and St. Petersburg, FL they are able to offer 24 hour and emergency services. Since families of crime and trauma victims typically do not leave the home after this occurs, our job is to remove any sign of what happened and any biohazardous materials that may be present from the incident. These biohazardous items are materials such as blood or tissues at a crime scene, bodily fluid removal and waste associated with the clean up.

It is definitely not advised for family members or friends of family to attempt cleaning these scenes. Often times with trauma and death scenes specifically, there are specific protocols that must be practiced in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Special permits are required for handling these materials and substances and intense training should be completed by the professional who performs the clean up. BioScene Clean Up is certified to performs these and many other types of clean up. For more information about what we do preview our SERVICES. We realize in the midst of these incidents that it’s a very difficult time for families and people associated with incidents. We are professions, compassionate and willing to help you restore these scenes to before incident conditions. CONTACT US for more information on how we can be of service to you.