Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Privacy in Your Time of Need

One of the most important tools in our arsenal for dealing with biohazards is our understanding that sometimes there will be a need or desire to ensure the privacy of our customers. If a traumatic event has occurred, it can be incredibly painful to also have to endure a public spectacle. And if you own property where biohazards need to be removal, it is best not to let this be known.

In this situation, it can be helpful to have professional and discreet assistance. At Bio Scene Cleanup we have the skills to remove a biohazard quickly and safely. This means that things will be back to normal in the shortest timeframe possible. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it will not be a protracted and messy experience for you. Once the cleanup begins, it will be completed quickly and quietly.  Aside from the obvious privacy benefit of having the cleanup done quickly, cleanup can be done in unmarked vehicles. Cleanup of crime scene or human remains can be a somewhat difficult subject to approach, so this gives you the freedom of deciding when and how to engage in that conversation if you wish to.

Discreetly performed cleanup also means that those involved will not be forced to undergo any additional trauma. A large part of hiring a team to professionally clean is the ability for those involved to not have to be exposed to or relive potential trauma. So it is critical that the cleanup be performed in a manner that will not put those involved in that situation.

If you are a business owner, it is doubly important that you prevent unfortunate events from being broadcasted. It is understandably difficult to sell someone a car or condo they have seen a biohazard team working on. Even if people know that something is clean or sanitary, they might still be reluctant to use it if they know its history. This means that if you need to dispose of a biohazard, your best bet is to ensure that there are no obvious markers that this is going on. No one likes the idea that a body may have once been in the space they are using, and some people would prefer not to think about the realities of life and death. We take precautions to ensure that when necessary, our clients have the option of privacy.