Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ever Growing Problems with Arson in Attempt to Cover Up Crime Scenes

"A man, his wife and their two teenage children were shot before the million-dollar home they were renting burned down in what investigators called arson, a fire perhaps exacerbated by fireworks and gasoline, authorities said Thursday." 

"Pasco Sheriff says fatal Hudson fire was cover-up for murder" 

"Stonebridge Fire Apparently Part of a Murder-Suicide" 

Above are just a few of the headlines recently plaguing local and national news.  Financial issues, fidelity, mental illness, illicit drug usage and theft are just a few of the many of reasons for one to commit a murder or murder/suicide. The uncanny methods used by the crime scene investigation shows on TV and the internet are a testament as to how  DNA, bodily fluids and hair samples lead to the unquestionable conviction of a murderer.  

There is an alarmingly growing number of arson cases surfacing.  Attempting to disguise a death scene, suicide scene or both.  An attempt to damage the evidence which might otherwise be used to convict the arsonist crime scene analysts invariably get to the covert pathogens hidden beneath the rubble.  After they have exhausted their investigation and the crime scene is cleared, biohazard specialists are regularly called in to remediate the location.  It is essential that the premises be free from the hidden pathogens such as bodily fluids and DNA that were the intended target of destruction.  Such organisms form a potential health and biohazard threat to anyone that comes into contact with them.   Law enforcement organizations throughout the state call in biohazard specialists like Bio Scene Clean Up to remediate the location.  

Clearly these crime scenes cannot be restored to its original state however,  the professional and discreet technicians at Bio Scene Clean Up have the experience to handle all aspects of a biohazard conditions.  They can secure the location to be safe for demolition crews and allow the removal of the debris left in the aftermath of such a catastrophe.  

When investigating an arson that was used in an attempt to cover a murder/suicide scene and a biohazard clean up is required, Bio Scene Clean Up professionals will secure your location as sanitary and pathogen free. Contact our office for more information about our services.

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