Monday, January 19, 2015

Trauma Scene Cleanup Englewood, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up provides trauma cleanup services in Englewood, FL and many other surrounding cities.  The most prevalent definition of trauma is anything that would be a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. From a biohazard cleanup company perspective, it means any type or traumatic event that causes the presence biohazards or potentially harmful pathogens and materials that can affect others.

We are frequently called to clean and remediate blood, death, crime and other scenes that are as a result of a trauma suffered by our clients or their friends and loved ones. Our trauma cleanup services are provided for auto accidents, shootings, stabbings, people who have died at home, industrial accident scenes and even cleanup of emergency transport vehicles.

Anytime a traumatic event happens and there is a presence of bodily fluid, blood, tissue or other materials it requires biohazard cleanup. If you are the person responsible for the cleanup, you are required to follow proper safe cleanup practices to protect others from potentially being contaminated by coming in contact with the scene. If a trauma scene is not properly cleaned, it is possible for these biohazards to remain present for weeks or even months after an incident occurs.

Bio Scene Clean Up is certified in all of the safe cleanup practices and our technicians work with proper equipment and industrial chemicals that are able to remediate the trauma scene to a safe, biohazard free state.  Because most trauma scenes in Englewood require professional biohazard cleanup services we take every precaution in protecting individuals that are involved. The health conditions and other factors of trauma victims is usually not known which means anytime you have the presence of blood, bodily fluids or other matter, it has to be handled using a biohazard cleanup protocol.

If you need trauma scene cleanup in Englewood, FL or other areas contact our office immediately for assistance with cleanup.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crime Scene Cleanup Brandon, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up has been providing Crime Scene Cleanup in Brandon, FL and surrounding cities for decades.  Crime Scene Investigations are much more complex than what most of us see on popular television shows like “CSI”.

When a crime occurs, responders who perform the investigation appear and isolate the crime scene to look for evidence.  This process can take hours, days or even weeks depending on the nature of the crime. Investigators sometimes comb every inch of a scene looking for evidence that will help prove what actually happened, especially if there are no witnesses to the crime. In searching for these clues the potential for scattering dangerous biohazards occurs. In some instances, what starts off being a small area can become an expanded scene with many different types of biohazards.

If blood or other bodily fluids are present as a result of a crime, the chances of spreading biohazards to other parts of the scene are likely.  Pathogens from a crime scene can be redistributed by footsteps, medical waste being moved, dried blood becoming airborne particles and more.  These types of scenes need professional crime scene cleanup services provided by Bio Scene Clean Up.  Once investigators and emergency personnel have completed their investigation, the scenes are usually then turned over to the person who owns the scene or a friend or family member.

Investigators and emergency responders do not clean up these crime scenes. If you are not experienced in crime scene biohazard cleanup, call the professionals at Bio Scene Clean Up. We maintain all of the necessary equipment and certifications to perform safe, thorough crime scene cleanup in Brandon or surrounding areas.  Even if the crime scene doesn’t appear to have biohazards, fingerprint dust and other methods used for the purpose of investigating a crime scene may be potentially harmful. Bio Scene Clean Up technicians are experienced in the safe cleanup and remediation of crime scenes and through the use of specialized equipment and cleaning process are able to discover even trace elements of biohazards that may not be visible to the human eye.

It is not possible for untrained individuals to know about all of the possibilities of biohazards associated with crime scene cleanup. The services we provide are meant to help protect you and others who may be involved with these types of scenes.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blood Cleanup Services Brandon, FL

At some point during our lives it’s inevitable that we must deal with blood clean up from a trauma, death or some form of accident. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood cleanup service in Brandon, FL and surrounding cities.

When blood leaves the body it eventually dries. Depending on the type of surface that the blood is on depends on how long the drying process is.  Blood leaves the body in liquid format and then begins clotting where the potential of particles flaking can create serious biohazard risks. Clotting can happen in as little as fifteen minutes and the dried flakes can become airborne (depending on the blood scene scenario) spreading potentially dangerous biohazards to other areas away from where the blood spill occurred.

In most cases the medical conditions of the person who’s experienced a trauma or death causing blood spills are not known. If you are the person responsible for blood cleanup services, it’s important that you know the risks associated with cleanup and hire Bio Scene Clean UpBrandon Blood Cleanup company to safely clean and sanitize the biohazard area.  Once blood leaves the body, there are many factors that cause blood to quickly become a dangerous biohazard. Our technicians are experienced in blood cleanup  and biohazard removal services.  Our company maintains the proper permits and equipment necessary to perform blood cleanup services in compliance with State and Federal guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with these protocols, you are putting yourself and others at risk. You may also be subject to strict fines and penalties if you perform an improper biohazard cleanup.

If you find yourself being faced with the responsibility of cleaning up blood from a trauma, accident or death scene, contact Bio Scene Clean Up immediately for assistance. We offer emergency dispatch services for blood cleanup in Brandon, FL and are familiar with insurance billing and other avenues of payment assistance programs that may be needed.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Valrico Death Cleanup Services

Bio Scene Clean Up offers death and body decomposition (unattended death) cleaning for Valrico, Florida and surrounding cities. Bio Clean Technicians are experienced in removal, sanitizing, decontamination and deodorizing sites where deaths have occurred. 

Cleaning death scenes can be a difficult task but our technicians maintain the certifications and professional equipment necessary to perform death scene cleanup services in Valrico.  Death sites that require professional biohazard cleanup are common in the Valrico area, many of which are also unattended death scenes or sites where a death had been undiscovered for several days or weeks.

When a person dies and the heart stops pumping, the cells in the body begin to die from lack of oxygen and the decaying process immediately begins.  Death leads to rapid changes in the appearance of a body and the body can become unrecognizable in a very short time if not discovered.  After death the body will also release toxins and bacteria that create horrific odors and become airborne pathogens that are harmful to anyone coming into contact with them. These pathogens and bacteria are easily spread and are in most cases not visible to the human eye or an untrained person.  Improper cleanup practices can create potential health hazards in death scenes for weeks to even months after the death has occurred.

Because the risks of biohazard contamination are so high and the emotional trauma can be damaging to friends or family members of the deceased you should never attempt death scene cleanup on your own. Hire a professional company like Bio Scene Clean Up.  Our team can remediate the areas directly affected by the death scene with our certified biohazard cleaning techniques.  Our death scene cleanup services ensure that any health risks associated with blood or biohazards are eliminated. We guarantee all services.

If you or someone you know is in need of death or unattended death cleanup services in Valrico, contact our office immediately for assistance. We are trained to handle all aspects of Valrico Death Cleanup and help protect our clients from possible exposure or health risks related to these scenes.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Suicide Cleanup Services, Valrico FL

Whenever a death occurs by tragic suicide, it leaves family members and loved ones in an emotionally fragile state. Bio Scene Clean Up provides suicide cleanup services in Valrico, FL and surrounding cities.  We are a certified biohazard cleanup company and are our main job is helping victims of crime and tragedy by providing biohazard cleanup for suicide and other traumatic incidents.

Bio Scene Clean Up only employs compassionate certified technicians who work diligently to assist friends and family members of suicide victims with professional, safe cleanup and restoration of the death scene.  We understand the emotional trauma and our suicide cleanup services are discreet and we provide unmarked vehicles for the cleanup and removal of any biohazard materials.

As with any death scene requiring professional biohazard cleanup services, suicide scenes are often very difficult to clean. Blood and other bodily fluids or matter are often spread over a large portion of the incident site and these biohazards are difficult to see or find.  In addition to the emotional toll this takes on a friend of family member, we do not suggest that anyone attempt to cleanup a suicide scene.

Even trace elements of blood, fluids or tissues can carry pathogens that may be potentially dangerous to your health.  If a biohazard area is attempted to be cleaned by an untrained person, there is a huge potential for contamination of health risks after the improper cleanup is performed.

In many instances, insurance companies will cover the cost of professional suicide cleanup services in Valrico. Bio Scene Clean Up is experts in insurance claims and we are able to assist victim’s family members in filing claims and understanding insurance processes. We are also familiar with other agencies and services that offer assistance when a tragic event like suicide occurs.

If you or someone you know have experienced the loss of someone and need suicide cleanup services in Valrico please contact our office immediately.  We provide 24/7 emergency dispatch of certified suicide cleanup technicians  who can help ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.