Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fingerprint Dusting Cleanup and Potential Hazards

If you are the victim of a crime, you’ll have enough to worry about just dealing with the trauma and details after the police and investigators leave.  Some forces employ professional crime scene cleaners like Bio Scene Clean Up to clean the aftermath of a crime however often times it’s left up to the victims themselves to clean.

Depending on the type of crime the scene may have hidden biohazards that most untrained people would not think about.  If it’s a violent crime scene, there is usually a presence of blood or other bodily fluids that can be transferred to various areas of the scene in the process of investigators dusting for prints. The dusting powder used leaves residue on everything in the area. Carpets, furniture and other elements like doors, windows and walls are often covered with residue.  Although very difficult to clean and properly remove, Bio Scene Clean Up utilizes industrial solutions and various equipment to remediate crime scenes. We ensure your property will be returned to a sanitized pre-incident state.

If there is a presence of blood or other bodily fluids, we advise you not to attempt to clean the scene on your own.  Blood and other fluids, once dried, can become airborne and molecules can attach to the fingerprint dust. This means that these areas may potentially contain deadly bio-organisms that can be easily ingested with dust particles in the air or may adhere to clothing or other fabrics and transferred to other areas or people. This type of clean up generally requires a professional company that can remove and dispose of all biohazard waste the proper way. We are a certified biohazard removal company and possess the necessary permits and experience to properly clean and sanitize your property so it’s free from all biohazards.

If you have been the victim of a crime or know someone who is required to clean up a crime, death or suicide scene, contact our office immediately so we can help access the scene and provide you with protection from these dangerous biohazards. We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch services and guarantee that your property will be restored to a safe environment efficiently.

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