Thursday, May 8, 2014

Foreclosure Homes Contain Hidden Biohazards

Florida has been faced with thousands of foreclosures over the past few years and although the market appears to be strengthening foreclosure is still a harsh reality for many homeowners. Bio Scene Clean Up provides services to clean up foreclosed homes and return them to a safe and disinfected habitable property for banks, real estate companies and private owners.

It is not uncommon for foreclosed properties to be left in an unsanitary condition when occupants move out.  Often times these homes are subject to vandalism or squatters who leave these homes soiled with urine, feces, dangerous drug paraphernalia and other harmful substance. This creates a nightmare for banks and real estate companies who try to market these homes for resale.

In circumstances like these, the bank or real estate personnel are not trained to clean or remediate the properties therefore they rely on the services of a professional biohazard clean up company like Bio Scene Clean Up.  We posses extensive experience in handling these types of difficult cleaning jobs. We also perform Hoarding, death, suicide, trauma and crime scene  cleanup jobs in Florida.  We provide complete removal of biohazards, sanitation and restoration of these properties or scenes to a habitable condition.

Florida is an especially difficult state because of the warm climate and the large number of swimming pools that are not properly maintained in a foreclosure situation.  If you are a bank or private owners, you may be liable to your local authorities if these types of hazards go unattended.  We also offer maintenance services for banks and private homeowners while the property is being marketed.

If you need this type of scene clean up or decontamination guidance, please contact our office for more information on the services we provide and areas we cover.  We are available 24 hours a day with emergency response dispatch and can assist with procedures for insurance claims and other payment assistance options.

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