Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blood Cleanup Services St. Petersburg, FL

Blood, when outside the human body, can pose a huge risk for compromising the health of anyone who comes into contact.  Once blood begins to dry, it becomes flaky and can very easily become airborne. Dried blood still may contain bacterial elements and infectious diseases that are very capable of living outside the human body for long periods of time. Bio Scene Clean Up is a certified blood and biohazard cleanup company providing blood cleanup services in St. Petersburg, FL.

In most cases, blood cleanup services are needed as a result of a death, violent crime or other traumatic event. When these types of events happen, it is probable that investigative procedures are followed and emergency medical personnel are present. Investigations, while necessary, can also cause the spread of dangerous biohazards as blood can be redistributed to other areas outside of the initial trauma scene.  The same is true for emergency personnel. When emergency responders have left the scene, they rarely worry about the elements left at a scene. The primary focus is saving lives so often you’ll find medical waste and other elements scattered around the scene where blood is present. If the blood contains infectious diseases o other harmful elements, they can be carried to other areas by footsteps, waste and even liquids and other solutions used that may carry blood away from the scene.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides certified blood cleanup services in St. Petersburg to protect you and others  related to the scene from harmful biohazards that may potentially compromise your health. We secure biohazard scenes and make certain that all traces of biohazards and harmful elements are removed and that the scene is restored to a pre-incident condition.

If you experience a blood or biohazard scene, do not attempt to clean the area yourself. The risks are too great and you can potentially endanger yourself and others. Contact us immediately for our blood cleanup services. We offer insurance communication assistance and 24 hour emergency dispatch to our clients.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Trauma Scene Cleanup Palmetto, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard and other related cleanup services from crimes, death and trauma in Palmetto, FL. With over a decade serving the needs of our Florida residents, our technicians are experienced and certified in professional cleanup practices for these types of scenes.

In the past several years, the about of traumatic incidents has continued to rise. From motorcycle accidents, to crimes involving violent acts and even homicides and deaths at home Bio Scene Clean Up can perform services in your home or at any location. We work diligently with you to ensure your trauma scene is restored to a safe state free from biohazards and other potentially harmful pathogens.

Florida’s State and local governments have strict biohazard cleaning protocols that must be followed when cleaning, handling and disposing of biohazard materials from trauma cleanup. Because of these protocols, it is always suggested that you hire a certified biohazard cleanup specialist to assist you in the task of cleaning a trauma scene. We have the expertise to help keep you and others associated with trauma scenes safe from dangerous biohazards.

If you have experienced a trauma or crime in Palmetto, FL or surrounding areas, contact Bio Scene Clean Up for immediate response. We maintain all of the necessary equipment and certifications to properly clean trauma scenes and dispose of the associated biohazards.  Don’t put yourself and others at risk, let our trained technicians work with you and your insurance company to properly remediate the scene the first time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jail Cell Cleanup Tampa, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up has been providing biohazard and jail cell cleanup services in Tampa, FL for almost a decade. Over the past several years safe cleanup practices for jail cell and police holding cells has been the center of controversy. Who is responsible for the cleanup and removal of biohazards associated with jails, police holding cells or police department vehicles? Protocol for these biohazard cleanup services vary depending on states.

Due to increased amounts of health risks stemming from biohazards found in most of these areas, many police departments have chosen to hire professional biohazard cleaning services to perform jail cell cleanup and proper cleaning of police cruisers and other affected areas.  These areas frequently contain blood, urine, vomit and other biohazard materials that can be a potential hazard to the health of others who come in contact with these areas.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all of the necessary permits and certifications to perform proper jail and police department cleanup services. In addition to these services, we are experienced in the cleanup of all crime, death and trauma scenes that contain potentially dangerous biohazards.  Some municipalities still enlist inmates to perform the cleanup and removal of these biohazard materials. We never suggest that inexperienced persons attempt to clean a biohazard scene. Inadequate cleanup of certain pathogens found in blood and other bodily fluids can linger for weeks to months after an event occurs. 

Unfortunately, in most cases the health conditions of the person(s) associated with the biohazards is not known. Mainly because of this, it is advised to hire a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up to protect inmates, personnel and anyone who may come in contact directly or indirectly with the areas where these biohazards were present.

If you are a law enforcement professional, or a victim of Crime or a Tragedy, contact us immediately for professional biohazard cleanup. We currently cover Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas with 24 hour emergency dispatch to assist with your biohazard cleanup needs.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crime Scene Cleanup Palm Harbor, FL

For the most part Palm Harbor, FL is a quiet community just outside of many metropolitan areas. Crime doesn’t seem to be a concern to most of the people who live in this area, but what happens when crimes do occur and who handles the aftermath cleanup of crime scenes? Bio Scene Clean Up provides crime scene cleanup in Palm Harbor and surrounding cities.

Depending on the nature of the crime, most every scene contains some form of biohazard that needs professional biohazard cleanup. If the crime scene has a presence of blood, bodily fluids or other matter as a result of gunshots or other traumas you should never attempt to clean these areas.  The potential risk for dangerous pathogens and other infectious diseases is not to be taken lightly. These biohazards, if not properly cleaned, can remain a health threat for weeks after the crime has occurred.  Because of this, there is a high probability that horrific odors, stains, bugs and other pathogens can re-appear and still remain dangerous.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in proper crime scene cleaning techniques using industrial equipment and chemicals to ensure your crime scene area is safe and free from biohazards.  Contrary to what most people believe, police or emergency professionals do not cleanup biohazards from crime and trauma scenes. It is usually up to the person who owns the property or business and they are also responsible for the costs associated with the cleanup.

Some people will attempt to cleanup crime scenes themselves without realizing the health risks. Even something as simple as a tiny fingerprint dust particle containing an infectious pathogen can potentially compromise your health, if ingested. Our certified technicians work to contain all biohazards to the specific area and follow strict OSHA protocols to remove all traces of biohazards. In some circumstances, this means that anything in contact with the crime scene must be removed, even fixtures, walls, flooring or other materials.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime or tragedy contact our professional staff immediately. Federal and State regulations impose very harsh fines and penalties for improper cleanup and disposal of biohazard materials. We’ll help make sure you are protected.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Death Cleanup Services Sarasota, FL

Death, although a natural part of life, can be one of the most traumatic events in the life of a family member or loved one. Death can also be a potentially dangerous event for family members or loved ones because of the presence of biohazards.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides death cleanup services in Sarasota, FL and surrounding cities.

After death occurs the breakdown of the human body happens rapidly. At almost every death scene cleanup we perform there is the presence of blood and other bodily fluids and matter that can contain biohazards that may be extremely harmful to anyone that may come in contact. Blood, after leaving the body, will begin to dry and flake. Flakes can become airborne and may be easily ingested but others. Because you may not know the entire health scenario of the deceased, you have to handle the death cleanup process as though it contained potentially fatal biohazards.

When a death is discovered, or after authorities and medical personnel have left, whomever owns the property is usually responsible for the cleanup.  If you are untrained in biohazard handling and disposal, you put yourself and others at risk of contracting diseases or other microorganisms that can harm someone’s health.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all certifications and special equipment necessary to completely remediate a death scene  and return the site to a safe and biohazard free area.  We also maintain all of the required permits for proper handling and disposal of any materials or matter containing biohazards.  Frequently people attempt to cleanup blood and other trauma scenes themselves not realizing that these biohazards and organisms can survive outside of the human body for a long period of time. Inadequate cleanup can cause horrific odors, the presence of bugs and other harmful bacteria to appear sometimes weeks after the trauma occurred.

If you do not hire a professional death scene cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up, it may be very difficult to have these areas restored to a safe environment in the future. Because many of the biohazards are not visible to the human eye, it is often necessary to remove any materials that were in direct relation to the trauma. This may mean walls, flooring and other structures affected. The cost of cleanup after an inadequate cleaning is tremendous and most often the total costs become the responsibility of the property owner or family member.  Protect yourself and contact our office immediately for death scene cleanup assistance.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Biohazard Cleanup Tampa, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup services in Tampa, FL and surrounding cities.  With over a decade of experience in providing safe and effective cleanup services for things like deaths, suicide, accidents and trauma, our trained biohazard technicians help alleviate the stress and dangers of harmful biohazards that are found at these scenes.

Through use of special equipment and industrial cleaning techniques, Bio Scene Cleanup can safely restore your biohazard or trauma scene to its original condition. Frequently, when an accident or trauma occurs the party responsible for cleanup doesn’t realize that there are most likely biohazards that can be harmful to themselves and others if not properly handled.  Our job is to access the site for these potentially harmful biohazards and remediate the area to a clean and sanitized environment.

We’ve written previously about the dangers associated with biohazards and inadequate cleanup methods. If you are not trained in biohazard cleanup and disposal you should not attempt to cleanup these areas yourself. Strict protocols have been set by State and Federal authorities that require specific cleanup guidelines be adhered to. If not, you may potentially sustain hefty fines which mainly result from improper disposal of the biohazard materials.

We maintain all necessary equipment and certifications that ensure your biohazard sites are cleaned, sanitized and completely biohazard free. Our technicians are experienced in working with clients to alleviate the emotional trauma that can occur from having to cleanup a biohazard scene. Depending on the circumstances, we offer emergency dispatch and can usually arrive in as little as 2 hours to provide biohazard cleanup services.

If you or someone you know has experienced an accident, trauma or death of a loved one and biohazard cleanup services are needed please contact us immediately. We are also insurance billing experts and can work  directly with your insurance company and other assistance organizations to help make the process as easy as possible.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Decomposition Cleanup Service Orlando, FL

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup of decomposing death scenes in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas.  When someone dies, the body goes through many rapid changes and the decomposition process starts almost immediately.

When a person’s heart stops beating the cells and tissues stop receiving oxygen. Brain cells are the first to die, usually within seven minutes after the heart stops (bone and skin cells can survive for several days). Blood begins to drain and pool in lower-lying portions of the body. This pooling causes blood leakage that requires professional death scene cleanup. As a body’s cells die, bacteria begins to break them down causing the appearance of the body to change dramatically and smell.  Decomposing death cleanup requires biohazard remediation practices that should only be performed by professionally trained company.

Once the body is well into the decomposition process, insects are usually present. These insects not only feed on the decomposing body but are able to multiply in mass quantity. This is especially dangerous because these insects can carry contaminated biohazards to other areas and potentially other people.  If you are unfamiliar with cleanup practices for a death scene you are putting yourself and others at risk for possible contamination. If skin and bone cells can live for several days after death, that means the bacterial and other potentially dangerous pathogens can live even longer.

Because of the location, it’s very common to receive calls for decomposition cleanup services in Orlando, FL. Many of the rural areas experience increased numbers of people dying at home who many not be found for some time after they’ve died.  Discovering someone’s death is traumatic enough, but an untrained individual attempting to deal with the cleanup of a decomposing body is most often more than they can emotionally handle.

If you find yourself being responsible for the cleanup of a friend or loved one, contact  the professionals at Bio Scene Clean Up. We provide 24 hour emergency dispatch for death and decomposition cleanup services in Orlando, FL. Our technicians are professional and compassionate and have experience in dealing with the emotional aftermath experienced by our clients.