Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Property owners unaware of dangerous biohazards

Over the past decade the failing real estate market has ruined many homeowners across the country.  With the market decline and unemployment being at an all time high, there has also been a significant increase in the amount of illegal drug activity in our country.

Homeowners have been forced to relinquish their homes to the bank or mortgage company due to inability to make payments. Some homeowners elected to rent out their properties to individuals to cover the cost of the mortgage in an attempt to not face the financial devastation.  What these homeowners turned landlords didn’t expect was the dangerous rise in drug activities that turned may ordinary residential properties into full blow meth labs and illegal drug houses.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in the clean up, removal and remediation of these types of drug scenes. Not only is this type of activity illegal, there are extreme dangers to the health of anyone who comes in contact with these homes. The manufacturing of these substances ( or cooking as it’s sometimes called ) are not only hazardous to the health of the occupants, but animals, residents in the immediate surrounding areas and even the clean up personnel that have to restore these scenes to a safe environment.  The chemicals and methods used to manufacture these types of drugs are extremely flammable and one small explosion can blast through walls causing destruction to anything in it’s path.

Clean up of these biohazard substances and chemicals should never be attempted by an untrained individual. Bio Scene Clean Up is certified in the removal and disposal process associated with these biohazards.  Our technicians are specifically trained to clean and disinfect all areas that have been affected by the chemicals, residue and paraphernalia that always remain in these homes.  We work closely with authorities and property owners to ensure that these homes are returned to a safe environment for the owner, surrounding neighbors and anyone who may come in contact with the property after our work is done.

Due to the severity of these types of chemicals and substances, it’s often necessary for our technicians to remove materials from the structure such as plumbing, flooring, walls and other items and dispose of the materials properly. We work directly with our contractors to ensure that these homes are restored to a pre-incident, safe condition.

If you own or manage a property that has been condemned because of illegal drug manufacturing or activity, please contact our office today for assistance.  We offer 24 hour dispatch and are able to respond immediately to help you ensure the safety of anyone affected by these incidents. 

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