Friday, July 11, 2014

What happens if a crime or death scene is not properly cleaned?

Bio Scene Clean Up performs certified, professional biohazard cleanup services covering the State of Florida  Several calls we receive are from clients who, after a traumatic incident, death in their home or illegal drug activity, are experiencing horrific odors and other issues.

It’s imperative that anyone who is responsible for having to clean up after a crime, death, trauma or suicide scene contact a professional company like Bio Scene Clean Up.  We maintain the proper certifications and are experienced in the proper remediation of all sorts of biohazards.  Every state is different however, each state requires certification for the proper disposal of biohazard waste and contaminated materials. We maintain those certifications and permits.

Almost every call we receive from clients who have attempted to clean an incident scene is because of odor or bugs. If these scenes (which almost all do) contain blood, bodily fluids and other pathogens that can’t always be seen with the human eye, then it’s nearly impossible for an untrained individual to clean using normal household chemicals. Bio Scene Clean Up uses EPA approved industrial strength chemicals and equipment to ensure that all traced of biohazards have been removed from the scene.  If these elements are not properly cleaned and all biohazards removed, there will most definitely be horrific odors, bugs and a breeding ground for other infectious diseases to grow.

One example that we like to explain to our clients it a small 4 inch diameter blood stain on a floor when uncovered can expose blood biohazards in mass quantity underneath. This means carpet cleaning and other methods can not possibly extract all of the biohazards. The elements must be removed and disposed.  It is often necessary to remove all carpeting, subflooring and even portions of walls or furniture that are in contact with the biohazards. Removal is the only way to ensure that the areas are returned to a safe, sanitized environment.

If you are the person responsible for cleanup of these types of scenes, call us immediately to employ our services. Failure to properly clean a biohazard scene can have serious liability issues and may be dangerous to your health or possibly fatal.

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