Monday, June 23, 2014

Industrial Accidents and What Employers and Owners Should Know

Many American businesses run smoothly each and every day but if you own an industrial business you can expect at some point to be faced with some sort of severe accident, trauma or death in the workplace.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides cleaning for these types of industrial incidents all through the State of Florida.

Due to the liability, rigid regulations and most of all the emotional trauma when these accidents happen, a professional cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up should always be hired to clean the accident scene.  Most workplace or industrial accidents take place in areas that directly affect other employees or in some instances the general public.  If the accident scene is not professionally remediated by a certified biohazard cleaning company and someone’s health is compromised as a result of inadequate cleanup, the property owner or it’s tenant may be liable.

As with any incident that involves blood, tissue, bodily fluids and other biohazards, it is critical that the scene be cleaned following protocols set by State and local authorities for removal and disposal.  These types of pathogens may be disturbed if improperly cleaned causing them to become airborne where they may possibly be ingested by others in certain proximity to the incident scene.  Depending on the circumstances, these biohazard materials could carry infectious diseases that are life threatening or fatal to those who are exposed.

If you are the responsible party for the cleanup and it’s determined that you did not adequately remediate the incident scene, you can be liable for any person(s) who are affected.  Our staff of certified biohazard technicians are available 24 hours a day for immediate response dispatch. In the event that you experience any type of industrial or workplace accidents where other personnel are involved, call the appropriate emergency response personnel, evacuate the area of the incident and contact our office immediately to schedule cleanup.

After emergency personnel or authorities leave, there is most always waste, tissue, blood and other substances left behind.  Rarely do emergency personnel take the time to alert you of potential hazards or who to call to handle the cleanup.  We suggest that all business and industrial companies maintain an emergency checklist of who to contact as soon as an incident occurs.

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