Sunday, July 20, 2014

Drug biohazards inside our prison systems

Over the past decade illegal drug activity has reached an all time high. From sales on streets to manufacturing these drugs, the presence of biohazards is always consistently found.  Bio Scene Clean Up specializes in the cleanup and remediation of biohazards associates with blood, death, crime, trauma, illegal drugs and other biohazard waste disposal needs.

When you hear about illegal drug activity you usually associate it with people who are selling, using and manufacturing in ordinary neighborhoods, however there is an increasing amount of illegal drug activity happing inside of prison facilities all across the United States.  Certain drugs are simple to manufacture with things that are accessible to inmates, many of whom are incarcerated because of illegal drug convictions.

Due to the types of biohazards created by these drugs and the potential risks for compromising the health and safety of staff and other inmates, prisons have began contracting professional licensed biohazard companies like Bio Scene Clean Up to clean these scenes. We are called to clean and disinfect jails, police holding cells, transport units and other areas associates with police departments and prisons. Some incidents not relating to illegal drugs are blood from fights, vomit and other bodily fluids found in holding cells, police cruisers, transport vehicles and even emergency response units.  These areas must be properly cleaned and completely disinfected to ensure the safety of anyone coming in contact with the areas again.  All materials from the cleaning must be disposed of according to the guidelines of State and Federal regulations. Our company maintains the proper certifications and permits necessary to transport and dispose of these types of waste.

If police departments or prison personnel were given the task to cleanup and disinfect these areas it would require every member to be specifically trained to handle and dispose all forms of biohazards, and maintain licenses and permits. They must also house all of the industrial chemicals and equipment necessary to perform these tasks.  The cost for even one municipality to maintain these types of services is astronomical.  In addition to eliminating themselves from liability of the cleanup, the costs associated with these incidents are the main reasons police and prisons have began contracting professional companies to perform work.

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