Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Traumatic incidents in soldiers with PTSD

As activity in the middle east winds down and more of our troops are returning home, our country is faced with a whole new realization that these soldiers suffer greatly from PTSD. Many soldiers come home and are faced with depression and other emotional disorders causing increased suicide rates, illegal drug usage and in some cases even involvement in violent crimes.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard clean up services in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota FL areas. Many calls we receive about these types of cleanup services involve veterans who have recently returned home from active war zones.  These incidents leave family and loved ones to pick up the pieces of yet another life shattering event, but in a different way.

Our team is experienced in the cleanup and remediation of crime, death, trauma and suicide scenes in addition to many other biohazard cleanup jobs that you may need.  We understand the emotional distress that these incidents cause family members and loved ones and we are accustomed to handling these types of cleanup jobs in a compassionate, discreet method and work to return the incident scenes to normal as quickly as possible.

As the increase of soldiers return home, our nation has to become more aware of incidents and traumatic events that could happen as a result of dealing with soldiers who have PTSD. One great resource to become familiar with is the PTSD Counseling Services website. It provides great insight on how we can help these soldiers overcome PTSD and ways to help them cope. 

If you find that you are in need of biohazard cleanup services related to these incidents, Bio Scene Clean Up offers 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients needs. Call us now to for professional certified biohazard cleanup. We maintain the proper certifications and equipment necessary to clean most all types of biohazard scenes and are familiar with the filing and paperwork processes required for your insurance claims.

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