Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who is responsible for cleaning up after a suicide or messy death?

Crime scene investigators and emergency personnel do not clean up after trauma, crime and suicides. In most cases there are always medical waste left behind in addition to blood, bodily fluids and other matter that must be cleaned up. The real questions is, “Who’s responsible for cleanup?”

Ordinarily the family members or other persons residing with the deceased would be responsible for the cleanup. If the person died alone or without family, the responsibility typically falls on whomever owns the property. If the incident occurs in a commercial setting such as an office building, the management of the building would most likely be responsible for ensuring proper cleanup to protect other tenants in the building.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in the cleanup of death, crime, trauma, suicide and many other biohazard scenes.  Each state has different requirements and protocols for the cleanup and removal of biohazard waste materials. With our coverage areas expanded to a large portion of Florida, we maintain all of the necessary permits and training to ensure that the biohazard scenes we clean are 100% safe and returned to their original, pre-incident condition.

Cleanup after any form of traumatic event is no easy task. There are hidden biohazards and microorganisms that cannot be seen with the human eye and even small trace amounts of these biohazards have the capability of causing infections disease spread, health hazards to those who come in contact and possibly even death.  It is imperative that these scenes be professionally cleaned and sanitized following strict guidelines for safety standards implements by agencies such as OSHA, EPA and the Florida Department of Health.

If you are faced with a trauma, crime, death or biohazard situation please call our professional technicians at once.  We offer 24 / 7 emergency dispatch to help make certain that our clients are safe and protected.  Financial responsibility for our services usually falls on the family or property owner however several insurance carriers cover these types of services. There are also additional assistance options from other agencies nationwide. Bio Scene Clean Up can help you in filing the necessary documents to obtain assistance in these cases.

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