Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who are Crime Scene Cleaners ?

Who is responsible for the cleanup of Crime, Death, Trauma, Suicide and other Biohazard scenes is often not thought about.  We all see the news or hear about these victims and sometimes horrific things happening, but the thought of who actually cleans up or decontaminates these types of scenes is not thought about.

Who are these people? What are their lives like? And How do they do this type of work? Are the questions that may come to mind when reading this article.  Bio Scene Clean Up is trained in the clean up and decontamination of these types of biohazards, returning the scene to the normal state it was prior to the incident occurring.

For over a decade, we’ve been responsible for cleaning thousands of scenes ranging from suicide, gunshots, stabbings, violent home intrusions, vehicular accidents and even jail cells or police cars that contain blood, urine, feces and other biohazards. We are specifically trained in the removal, cleaning, disinfecting and sometimes remodeling that is necessary to restore these scenes.  After authorities and medical personnel are gone, it’s typically the property owners responsibility to clean up the aftermath of the incident.  As we’ve discussed in previous articles, this poses a significant health threat to the person cleaning and also those around or in contact with a contaminated scene. Special precautions must be followed, equipment used and waste properly disposed (often times with special permits) in order to ensure the safety of all involved.

Bio Scene Clean Up offers professional, compassionate services that aide property owners in cleaning and remediation of any form of biohazard. Our trained technicians can assist property owners with the necessary paperwork for insurance claims and can provide remodeling services for scenes that require physical elements to be permanently removed from a location. We have experience working in maximum security environments and are skilled at minimizing the visual exposure to onlookers or public when necessary.

Biohazard technicians that clean these types of scenes for a living are unique individuals who are passionate about helping clients through a very traumatic time. They are dedicated in restoring scenes to safe environments and protecting the people involved.  These cleaners see sometimes horrible scenes and visually experience things that no one should ever have to see.  Every technician is different and deals with the afterthoughts of their job in different ways. In many ways they are just like everyone else, but in their own way are often quiet in nature, reserved and don’t talk about the work that they do. It’s hard not to have emotional challenges when seeing some of the scenes that require our services but in most cases the desire to help our clients through the trauma and return their lives to some form of normalcy helps negate their emotional states.

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