Monday, April 21, 2014

The wrong way to discard biohazard waste

Most people recognize that there are proper procedures that must be followed in transporting and discarding of medical waste.  Occasionally there are some that either choose to ignore the procedures or are simply not educated on the disposal process and don’t realize they are doing anything wrong.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides commercial and residential cleanup services for death, crime, trauma, suicide and other biohazard incidents. Almost every clean up job that we perform contains biohazard waste that much be properly contained, transported and disposed of.  Regulations for biohazard protocols vary by state and can carry sever fines and penalties if not followed.

What you see in this article image is never the proper way to dispose of biohazard waste. Luckily, in this instance, these bags contain regular trash and paper from an office. You should never use biohazard waste bags as normal trash bags.  Red bags marked with a biohazard emblem found like this should be reported to the local health authorities who will investigate to determine who is responsible for the improper disposal and what type of biohazards they actually are.

Biohazard waste that we work with most is any liquid or solid waste that may present a threat of infection to humans. Liquid waste includes blood and other body fluids from humans. Solid waste includes clothing, towels, rags, sheets, gloves, plastic bags, or any objects soiled with blood, or other body fluids. When biohazard waste is improperly managed , it places sanitation workers and the general public at risk for contracting dangerous diseases. We take every precaution and are certified in the handling, transporting and disposal of biohazard waste.  We always suggest that you never attempt to clean these types of scenes yourself as there are very high chances that these scenes contain blood and other pathogens that can be extremely harmful if you come in contact with them.  Most state regulations suggest that you contact a biohazard clean up provider like Bio Scene Clean Up to assist you.

If you see disposal like the one pictured above, of suspect that someone is illegally disposing of biohazard materials, we urge you to contact your local health agency (health department) or contact our office to report it.  If this type of disposal process continues, you may be placing your health and the health of others in jeopardy.

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