Monday, April 28, 2014

Bio Scene Cleanup offers Apartment and ALC biohazard services

Photo Courtesy of Daily Sparks Tribune
Most people think about personal residences and businesses when it comes to biohazard cleanup services that we provide. Bio Scene Clean Up also provides these services to apartment and assisted living communities. If you are in charge of an apartment or assisted living community, have you ever received a late night call about a crime or trauma on your property? Do you know the proper protocol for cleanup of biohazard waste and material?

Bio Scene Clean Up is certified in cleanup, restoration and decontamination of biohazard from death, trauma, crime, suicide and accident scenes. We perform our services as discreetly as possible, even during late night hours if needed.  If your property experiences one of these types of events, you’ll need to be prepared for the cleanup and disposal of any biohazards that may be left behind.  It is your responsibility to protect the health of your employees, resident and any future residents of the property.

If a biohazard scene is not properly cleaned, your property may be liable for in the event that health and safety of others are compromised.  We maintain all necessary certifications to clean, restore and dispose of these biohazards and are familiar with all necessary permits needed, insurance claim processes and have decades of experience in dealing with our clients in the midst of a very emotional and traumatic time.

After the authorities and other emergency professionals leave, the very next call you make should be to a certified biohazard decontamination company like Bio Scene Clean Up. We have 24 hour emergency dispatch and cover a majority of the State of Florida with units on standby to serve your needs. If you find yourself facing situations where the presence of biohazards are unknown, you should definitely contact our company to come assess the scene. We maintain the proper equipment and are skilled in the discovery of biohazards that may not be evident to the human eye.  As with any traumatic event, you should definitely take every precaution to ensure the safety of all involved and remove any chances of being liable for inadequate decontamination of your property.

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