Friday, April 25, 2014

Motorcycle accidents and biohazards

As we find the weather changing to the springtime we all have missed so much, there is always an increase of motorcycle riding, drinking and mixture of both.  Residents of Florida have become accustomed to “looking” constantly as motorcycles are everywhere in our state.  Tourists and visitors however, may not necessarily know to be on the lookout for bikers and this causes an increased risk for dangerous accidents.

Bio Scene Clean Up gets called to the scene of many automobile or motorcycle accidents to clean up the accident’s aftermath.  You may not think that it’s a big deal to see blood or tissue and bodily fluids on a busy street or roadway.  Or is it?  After the investigators and emergency professionals leave the scene, what dangers really remain? The presence of blood and other substances, if not properly cleaned from an accident scene can cause a huge risk to others. Spreading of these materials through vehicle spraying can transfer these pathogens and possibly potential infectious materials onto people, other vehicles and even into the cabin air systems of passing vehicles.

We are extensively trained in the clean up and decontamination of accident scenes, death, crime, trauma and many other biohazard scenes. We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch services and are experienced in the removal, transport and disposal of biohazard waste.  We also provide vehicle clean up for auto accidents and we decontaminate / disinfect emergency transport vehicles to return them to service as soon as possible.

We have recently expanded our services to over two thirds of the State of Florida and are also adding additional emergency response units that will be readily available to assist our clients with biohazard, trauma and other services.  So, as a reminder, take always take an extra second to look a couple times in both directions, you may think the roadway is clear but motorcyclists can appear in your path within an instant and in most cases these accidents are severe to both drivers.

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