Friday, August 29, 2014

The importance of Crime Scene Cleanup

Most people only see crime, death and trauma scenes on TV shows like “CSI”, “Law & Order” and many others where only post death scenes are shown. For hundreds of Americans every day, crime and trauma becomes a harsh reality.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard decontamination for death, trauma, crime, suicide and many other forms of biohazard site cleanups.

Death, especially in a violent manner, are messy and almost always contain blood and other bodily fluid spills. Once investigators have completed their jobs, the victims family, friends or the property owner becomes responsible for cleanup and decontamination.

The same scenario applies to crime scenes, even non-violent crimes. There is always fingerprint dust, luminol and other materials used by investigators that are nearly impossible for untrained individuals to clean up. If there is glass breakage there is always a potential for the presence of blood that may not be seen by an individual who attempts to clean the site on their own.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains proper equipment that is necessary in the discovery of blood and other biohazard materials. Our technicians are qualified to handle and remove the biohazard materials and decontaminate the site returning it to a pre-incident condition.  When you are faced with these situations it is important that you know what could happen if a site is not properly cleaned:

• Undiscovered blood can cause horrific odors, attract bugs and potentially spread communicable disease

• You or the property owner could be held liable for inadequate cleaning if someone’s health becomes compromised or a communicable disease is spread.

• You may end up paying thousands of dollars to restore areas that a professional company like Bio Scene Clean Up could have been able to salvage.

These are just a few examples. Every situation is different and requires a specific cleanup  protocol.  If you or someone you know has experienced a crime, death or traumatic incident, call us now. We offer fast 27/7 emergency services to assist you with proper clean up.

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