Monday, August 25, 2014

Unattended firearm leads to death of toddler

This headline and many like it are becoming more prevalent in today’s news. Gun owners continue to be irresponsible leaving loaded firearms within the reach of small children who don’t understand that they are not toys. Many cases end in death or serious injury to the child and the irresponsible party goes unpunished for what many Americans believe should be a convictable offense.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides cleanup services in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, FL areas for death, trauma, suicide, personal injury and many other biohazard sites. When accidents like these occur, the trauma associated leaves family members and loved ones responsible for cleanup and to return the site to a safe environment for others.  In most traumatic accidents we find the presence of blood and other biohazard materials that can potentially cause the spread of infectious diseases and other health related problems. Bio Scene Clean Up  is experienced in the proper cleanup and disposal of biohazards from these and many other sites. We maintain all necessary permits and certifications and work discreetly to return these sites to a safe and sanitized environment quickly.

There are several other forms of accidents and traumatic events that also require professional biohazard cleanup. We suggest that untrained individuals never attempt to clean these sites themselves, but rather employ a professional company to perform the tasks correctly.  There are many unseen health risks associated with death and trauma scenes. Out technicians are experienced and maintain the proper equipment to perform cleanup to ensure a completely safe remediation.

If you, or someone you know has a traumatic emergency that requires cleaning, contact our office for immediate assistance.  Bio Scene Clean Up offers 24/7 emergency dispatch and can reach any client within our service regions quickly.  Our services are always professional, discreet and we are familiar in working with insurance companies and other agencies who offer financial assistance in these types of cleanup jobs.

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