Monday, August 18, 2014

Biohazard Cleanup form Prison Worker Suicides

Bio Scene Clean UP receives many calls for aftermath cleanup from suicide scenes.  When people hear suicides they usually think of depressed, emotionally challenged individuals alone at home or in some remote areas. This is true in many cases, however suicide victims can be someone with emotional disorders, professionals in high stress industries, someone with financial problems or even children with relation to crimes, drugs, gangs or even bullying.

Recently the awareness of personnel in America’s prison systems has noticed an increase in the amount of staff suicides. Primarily the thought is that there is a direct relation between the dismal environment that workers endure and the feeling of hopelessness that is associated with prisoners, especially ones that have been sentenced to life without parole.  These workers typically work long hours and in most cases are confined to one specific area and never see the outside world once they report for duty.

These workers deal with violent fights, suicides, murders and many other scenarios inside prison facilities so it’s understandable that it can take an emotional toll on workers.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup services for police jail cells, prisons and other secure facilities where biohazards such as blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids are present.  We are skilled in handling and removal of biohazards in a discreet, safe manner and restoring these scenes to a safe sanitized environment. 

Agencies and prisons often contract our services due to liabilities associated with the biohazard cleanup. It is too costly and time consuming for prisons, police departments and some emergency transport services to maintain the proper permits and certifications needed to perform the cleanup job. The risks associated with the cleanup process are simply too great for these agencies. Our company is experienced, insured and we maintain all of the necessary permits to handle biohazard cleanup jobs.

Servicing the Tampa Bay and Sarasota FL areas we offer 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients. Depending on the type of incident, we have staff accustomed to working in maximum security facilities and are familiar with the privacy protocols associated with these incident scenes. Contact our office to learn more about contracting our company for your commercial or agency needs.

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