Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Call Bio Scene Clean Up for blood spills, crime and trauma cleanup


Blood is most commonly referred in the context of human beings. Human blood has a complex combination and can potentially transmit infections or virus. Blood spills are common either due to an accident, trauma, crime or even suicide. These  situations demand special attention and professional biohazard companies to clean up the site. 

Risk of exposure to blood and need for caution

For many allied healthcare professionals, it is part of their work profile to deal with blood spills and subsequent clean –up as and when it is required. Apart from the healthcare professionals, who are trained and aware of standard Blood Clean-Up protocols, it is important that you know the intricacies of handling spilled blood. Before understanding the clean-up process and acquiring the knowledge about the equipment or accessories used in the process, it is important to know the basic risk of exposure to blood. Everyone who is being exposed to blood should consider that it can possibly be the carrier of any dreadful disease such as Hepatitis B or HIV, think as though every drop of blood carries risk of dreadful disease. This impression is not to get into the fear psychosis, rather to be cautiously aware of the risk involved.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains the experience and equipment necessary for the cleanup of scenes that contain blood spills and other bodily fluids. Every municipality has a standard protocol for the cleanup, handling and disposal of biohazard waste and materials. An untrained or inexperienced person should never attempt to clean up an accident or trauma scene using ordinary cleaning methods.  This type of cleanup may spread any harmful bacteria, pathogens or viruses and cause potential health risks to yourself or anyone around the site.

Cleaning up of Blood Spills – various scenarios           

There can be various situations during which blood spills occur, and subsequent cleaning up depends on the surroundings or the surfaces that need attention.

•    If it is a floor without carpets or maintains hard surfaces like tiles or concrete these areas may be easier to clean and there usually isn’t a need to remove these elements from homes. If carpet or other porous materials like wood are present, these elements almost always have to be removed to eliminate the risk of any transmission of biohazards to other areas.
•    If the trauma area is free from fabrics and other materials that collect, soak or hold any blood or fluid spills, then special equipment and industrial chemicals are used by our trained technicians in order to remediate the site to a clean and safe environment.   

These are only a couple scenarios that show you why it’s never a good idea to attempt blood or biohazard cleanup yourself.  In most instances, there are many unknown facts about the victims of these traumas and the risk of compromising your health or those around you is simply too great.  If you need blood, accident or death cleanup, please contact our office immediately for assistance.

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