Monday, August 4, 2014

Occupational Accidents & Biohazards

Bio Scene Clean Up provides cleanup services for death, trauma, crime, suicide and other biohazards in Florida.  When most people hear about these types of incidents, they almost always relate them to a person’s home. Occupational accidents and biohazard cleanup are a large amount of the jobs our company performs.  The fact is, Americans are busier now than ever before and it seems the largest portion of a person’s day is where they work. Almost every industry or workplace has the potential for dangerous accidents or biohazard incidents that can affect everyone in the workplace.  We provide industrial cleanup services that help protect others in the workplace when incidents occur.

From heavy equipment accidents, slip and falls and even workplace suicides, our technicians are licensed and trained to provide professional, discreet biohazard cleanup and removal.  When workplace accidents occur in most cases we see the presence of blood, bodily fluids and other materials that can be harmful to everyone in a workplace if not properly cleaned and sanitized.  We follow strict guidelines set by OSHA for the cleanup and removal of all biohazard materials and our teams disinfect and sanitize all affected areas returning them to a safe environment for others.

Our training and experience in the biohazard cleanup industry has helped train us to deal with the emotional trauma that is associated with most of these incidents. We work discreetly to remediate the scenes and are professional and compassionate in dealing with the individuals directly involved to ensure their privacy and safety.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all permits and certifications necessary for biohazard handling and our services help diminish the liabilities for property and business owners. We suggest that anyone faced with the cleanup of a biohazard incident employ a professional company. If these scenes are improperly cleaned and proper protocol is not followed, business and property owners may be liable for improper disposal and any health or safety issues that can arise after an incident scene is improperly cleaned.  Contact our office today for complete details on the work that we perform and how we can assist you in the proper cleanup of your biohazard scenes.

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