Friday, June 20, 2014

Vacation traveling biohazard tips

Whether you are vacationing in the Blue Ridge Mountains or the sandy white beaches of Marco Island, the same hidden biohazards invisible to the human eye can be found just about anywhere.  During the summer months, vacationers spend time preparing and traveling across the country for what they hope to be rest and relaxation.  How much time do these travelers actually spend preparing for biohazards that they may encounter during their travels? Probably none.

No one really knows the history of hotel rooms, rental accommodations or even rental cars for that matter. You may never know that someone committed suicide or died in the very hotel room you stay in. You probably would never know that the rental car you are driving could have been involved in an accident leaving traces of blood or other bodily fluids that are potentially hazardous to your health.  The bottom line is this information is not publicly known and every precaution for biohazards should be taken.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in the cleanup, remediation and disposal of blood, bodily fluids, matter and other dangerous biohazard materials. These biohazards are always found after a death, crime, traumatic experience or even in cases where illegal drug activity is present. In certain rental accommodations allow for pets and even these accommodations can carry biohazards from pet waste and urine. Let's face it, hotels and rental accommodations do not clean and sterilize the carpeting and materials after each rental period.  It is a commonly known fact that hotels have a laundry cycle for comforters and they are not laundered after every guest.

There are many precautionary measures you can take to help better protect yourself when traveling.  Industrial strength chemicals can be obtained in travel size to help disinfect toilets, showers, sinks and surfaces that are shared in rentals.  Consumers can purchase sleeping nets that help place a barrier between you and hidden biohazards in hotel beds. Hand sanitizer can be used to wipe surfaces of  tables and other areas where you eat or drink and you should always sanitize the TV remote control. In surveys by travel experts, TV remotes are at the top of the list of bacteria and other hazards.

If you are a hotel owner or hospitality manager, we suggest that you contract a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up to ensure the health and safety of your guests after any of these incidents occur.  Contact our office for more information on how our services can help diminish your liability.

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