Monday, June 9, 2014

Florida Burglary Crime Scene Clean Up

When a crime occurs in a residential home or place of business, the aftermath can be overwhelming.  The biohazard materials left behind depend on the severity of the intrusion and whether or not violence with occupants are involved.  Even if no physical violence occurs, intruders can still leave behind certain biohazards from broken glass, wooden splinters and often times we find the presence of bodily fluids from vandals who intentionally try to damage a property.

The stressful cleanup of these types of aftermath require a professional company like Bio Scene Clean Up to remove all biohazards and restore properties to a pre-incident state.  When intrusions are violent and involve a homicide, the evidence of biohazards is usually evident. In other cases, the use of special equipment is necessary to discover the trace elements of any biohazard materials left behind.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all equipment necessary and is experienced in the cleanup of death, suicide, blood, trauma and various types of crime scenes. Individuals, apartment managers and even general janitorial or cleaning companies are not equipped to handle this type of cleanup and to protect their health and the health of others, we advise that these scenes should not be cleaned by anyone without specific training, knowledge of biohazard removal and disposal or protocol of Federal and State guidelines.

Cleaning of most types of crime scenes involves the use of personal safety equipment to protect yourself from blood, waste and other pathogens that may be present.  Certified biohazard cleanup companies like Bio Scene Clean Up use highly advanced sanitation equipment and effective EPA approved industrial cleaning chemicals or solutions that ensure your property is completely decontaminated and returned to a habitable state.  Any objects that come into contact with these biohazards must be cleaned, sanitized or in extreme cases removed from the scene.  Some materials can be handled in a simple medical waste box while others require proper removal protocols so they do not pose a health threat to the public.  In either event, if you attempt to clean a scene like this on your own and do not follow proper protocol, you may find yourself liable for health risks that may affect other people.

If you need more information about our services, contact our office for a complete list of our biohazard services and the areas in Florida that we serve.

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