Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summertime depression and suicide

As summer rolls into full force most people are busy having fun, planning vacations and family events.  Most don’t realize that SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) haunts thousands of Americans.  Summer months typically show a sharp increase in suicides all across America.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides cleanup services for death, suicide, trauma, crime and many other biohazard incidents all across Florida. Specifically with suicides, the trauma scenes left behind are often gruesome and require the expert skills of a professional biohazard cleaning and removal company like Bio Scene Clean Up.  Because of the dangerous and sometimes fatal pathogens, bodily fluids and other matter that remain after a victim’s body has been removed, these scenes require immediate cleanup to avoid infections and other health related causes that are a result of poor cleanup techniques or accidental exposures.

We suggest that individuals never attempt to clean a scene without the assistance of a professional.  Industrial chemicals and special equipment will be required to remediate and decontaminate the scene and with severe trauma scenes reconstruction of a property is sometimes necessary. Failure to  properly clean these types of scenes can put the property owner in a liable state if someone contracts an infection, disease or dies as a result of the improper clean up.  These harmful pathogens can linger where the event occurred for weeks and even months afterward.  Improper cleaning can also cause horrible odors that can only be masked with normal household cleaners and may require more extensive reconstruction if not immediately disinfected.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides these services for residential and commercial clients all across Florida.  We provide 24 hour emergency dispatch and are experienced in working with investigators and crime scene experts to help restore your property to a hazard free, safe environment.

If you are faced with the task of having to clean up after a suicide or other traumatic death incident, contact our offices immediately so we may assist you in the proper cleanup protocol. Stiff penalties are imposed on individuals every day who do not follow the State and local protocol for cleanup and removal of biohazardous materials and waste.

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