Friday, October 2, 2015

At least 10 people died in a shooting early Thursday, including the gunman.

These are headlines that seem to be increasing every year in the United States.  Gun crimes and other senseless acts of violence have become an almost daily part of mainstream news in America. It’s something that we don’t think about until it happens to our families or our communities.

Bio Scene Clean Up has been providing blood, biohazard and crime scene cleanup services for decades. During our time in business, we’ve remediated hundreds of crime scenes involving gun violence and helped family members and friends of the victims through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Helping victims of crime and tragedy deal with the aftermath takes special skills and training. We maintain all of the specialized equipment and experience necessary to perform biohazard cleanup and restoration.  When victims family members or property owners are left with the responsibility of cleaning up these crime and trauma scenes, Bio Scene Clean Up is there to help.

Our company is licensed, experienced and endorsed by Police Departments everywhere.  Being a Certified Biohazard Cleanup Specialist requires the commitment to follow strict protocols on both local and Federal levels. Ordinary, untrained persons should never attempt to clean up a biohazard scene. The rule is simple, if you do not have the specific training to handle biohazards then don’t attempt cleanup.

Biohazards are in many forms, most unaware to the average person. These scenes may possibly contain contaminants not visible to the human eye, or be in different forms that you will not know about therefore only trust a licensed company to perform the cleanup or you may find yourself liable, especially in the event that another person’s health is compromised as a result of your improper cleanup.

If you find yourself being faced with this type of situation, please contact us immediately for assistance. We are available 24/7 for emergency dispatch to help you in your time of crisis.

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