Friday, September 25, 2015

Who to call when tragedy strikes

The phone rings at 3am, providing 24 hour emergency response is just on task that goes along with being a biohazard cleanup specialist.  Late night calls are almost always cases involving blood and biohazard cleanup from death, trauma or some form of violent crimeBio Scene Clean Up provides these cleanup services to assist victims and family who suffer crime and tragedy.

You answer the phone and suddenly you are dealing with a distraught family member of a suicide victim. This is a call that no one ever thinks they will have to make, however you’re meeting them at one of the worst times in your life.  Not knowing what to do in the midst of a trauma is normal. What you need to know is: If a violent crime, suicide or death occurs on your property you are responsible for cleanup.  Emergency personnel or the coroner will remove the dead but anything left behind is up to the property owner to handle.

What’s left behind is never something you can just bleach and use air fresheners. Crime, death and blood/biohazard cleanup requires special chemicals, equipment and training to ensure the property is returned to a safe and habitable environment.  Generally people do not know that things such as pointy bed springs, splinters of wood, shards of glass all can contain potentially dangerous pathogens that can compromise the health of the person cleaning or in contact with the affected areas.

All items and materials containing biohazard potentials must be removed and properly disposed. Many of these potentially harmful items are not even visible to the human eye, let alone someone who is attempting to clean an area without knowing what they are looking for.  Another problem someone faces when not knowing about cleanup protocols, is how and where to dispose of the items after cleanup.  Special handling and disposal permits are required for blood and biohazards and those who are found improperly disposing of these biohazards are subject to hefty fines.

If you or someone that you know is a victim of death, crime or tragedy, contact Bio Scene Clean Up immediately so we can help you remain safe. Our technicians are discreet, compassionate and available to help you with life’s tragedies. We understand that bad things happen to good people and we offer these services to help our clients bear the painstaking task of removing all traces of danger from their property.

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