Monday, October 19, 2015

Seasonal Depression & Unattended Death

This time each year we begin to experience an increase in calls for unattended death cleanup. With the change of seasons and temperatures growing colder, the amount of outdoor activities becomes limited to those who are senior or with disabilities. During this time, people tend to stay in doors more and families limit the amount of time visiting older friends and family members.

This can cause serious depression issues and increase health related deaths at home for the older population. Bio Scene Clean Up performs death clean up services for families who experience a loved one dying at home. Sometimes, not being found for days or even weeks during the colder winter months.  Winter seasons also bring about an array of health complications for our older population and many deaths are related to sickness or depression as a result of becoming shut in during the cold months.

Our team of technicians are trained in the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard elements that result from an undiscovered death when someone dies at home. Family members are often grief stricken and have overwhelming guilt due to the fact that they do not check on older friends and family members during this time.  When someone dies at home and their death is undiscovered for a certain period of time, there are huge risks associated with the biohazard cleanup of the death scene.

Family members and property owners should not attempt to clean up this type of environment as it causes potential health risks to themselves and others. Blood and bodily fluids that require cleanup can contain harmful pathogens that remain alive outside of the human body for long periods of time. Dried blood, if not properly cleaned can become airborne and continue to potentially compromise someone’s health for weeks to even months after a death occurs. Bio Scene Clean Up helps return your property to a safe. biohazard free state.

If you or someone you know experiences discovering a death of someone at their home, call out emergency dispatch immediately for assistance. We are certified and licensed to handle all facets of biohazards associated with death, blood and trauma scene cleanup.

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