Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Domestic Violence Biohazard Cleanup

Every 9 seconds someone in the US is assaulted or beaten. On average nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused in the United States. These are National statistics that equate to approximately 10 Million women and men in one year.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard cleanup for victims or families of assaults, crimes and even death. In almost every domestic violence scene there is some form of bodily fluid, blood or other materials that contain potentially dangerous biohazards.  Victims or their family members are left with the responsibility of proper cleanup of these types of scenes.

Our technicians are specifically trained to find and remove any traces of biohazard materials including blood from the areas associated with these assaults. Depending on the type of assault determines the proper cleaning techniques that must be performed.  Never attempt to clean these types of areas without proper training and equipment as you may find yourself liable for fines or worse if the health of someone else is compromised as a result of inadequate cleanup and biohazard disposal.

Blood or fluids, even when outside the body, can continue to carry harmful diseases that you may not be aware of. Trust the biohazard cleanup to a certified biohazard specialist like Bio Scene Clean Up to ensure that you are protected.  Every State and Federal government mandates the requirements and certifications required and you must be aware of the proper protocols in order to not be at risk.

Contact us immediately if you or someone you know has experienced a domestic violence or other trauma that requires biohazard cleanup.

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