Friday, October 9, 2015

Automobile Blood Removal Services

Whether you are involved in an auto accident or experience a violent crime like gun violence or stabbing, blood in an automobile can be just as dangerous as any other scene. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard removal from automobiles, homes, businesses and outdoor properties. With nearly two decades of experience, we are a certified biohazard cleanup company.

Blood, when making contact with materials inside of your car, can remain invisible for weeks to months after an incident or trauma occurs. On the surface, if you clean this yourself, you may think that you’ve completely removed all traces of blood and any biohazards but you have not.  When not properly cleaned and removed, blood can still contain infectious pathogens that remain alive and harmful for sometimes long periods of time after it’s exposed to air.

Weeks to months after an incident involving blood, you can experience horrific odors, infestation of bugs and stains that keep returning. Our trained technicians are able to completely remove all traces of blood and biohazards from your automobile. In some cases parts of your car’s interior or exterior may need to be completely removed and replaced.

The same applies to blood from animals as well. Often times people fail to remember that animals can carry potentially dangerous diseases that humans can contract through contact with animal blood and bodily fluids. These types of biohazards need to be cleaned and removed by a professional company like Bio Scene Clean Up as well.

If you have experienced an accident or trauma with your vehicle, contact us immediately for clean up service. The faster the affected areas can be decontaminated and cleaned, the easier and more cost effective it is for you.

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