Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ending Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual assault is a terrible tragedy that happens to thousands of Americans each year. It’s an even more complex tragedy when it is happening more frequently on college campuses across the United States. For most people, the focus tends to be on the victim and the events surrounding the assault. These are very important factors in any assault case however, with every assault there is a huge biohazard potential associated with the crime. Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard decontamination from crimes of sexual assault, violent deaths, home invasions and other intense traumas.

After the crime is committed, the biohazards that remain cannot simply be “washed away”. Blood, tissues, bodily fluids and other matter always remain at the crime scene and these biohazards must be properly remediated to avoid the potential of infections and contamination of others.  When sexual assault crimes are committed on college campuses (dorm rooms, public facilities to name a few) it’s important that these scenes be properly cleaned and disinfected. The areas are typically ones that many people are in or around and the risks and health hazards associated with these crimes puts the universities at huge risk for health issues and safety of other students.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all necessary permits and certifications to properly clean, disinfect and remove all biohazard materials associated with these and other crime scenes.  We realize that these crimes traumatize many people and work discreetly and professionally to return the sites to a safe, sanitized area as soon as possible.  Each State maintains strict local and federal protocols for proper cleanup and biohazard handling. We arrive on scene with the proper equipment and materials, secure the site to avoid contamination spreading and completely restore the site to a pre-incident, safe condition.

If you are an administrator of faculty member of a College or University, please make sure that you have proper biohazard  handling protocols in place. If not,  create one and include Bio Scene Clean Up as the company to contact for all biohazard cleanup and removal needs that arise.

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