Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How hoardings are accumulating Bio-hazard dangers

Hoarding generally occurs by cluttering of materials like garbage, furniture, clothing, flea market / yard sale items and more. Garbage is often considered as the major source for the formation dangerous biohazards associated with hording. Bio Scene Clean Up performs hoarding and gross filth clean up for property owners and individuals who hoard. These hoardings are often very dangerous in congested household environments because the person lives in the contaminated surroundings every day. Hoarding in most cases is an addiction and the hoarder doesn’t realize that they are placing their health and the health of others at great risk.

Our technicians are experienced in disinfecting and sanitation of these types of sites. We maintain all necessary permits for the handling, removal and disposal of materials containing biohazards.  Even though we perform death, trauma and crime scene cleanup services, hoarding cleanup has become more prevalent over the past few decades. Our main objective is to remove the debris, remediate and disinfect the space and return the area to a safe habitable state for the property owner.

Most hoarders do not realize that accumulated garbage is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause major health complications. It also attracts rodents and insects that carry diseases that can be fatal to the hoarder. In most cases, it is necessary to remove all items from the space in order to properly disinfect and sanitize the structure itself.  Our technicians, in some cases, are able to salvage good pieces of furniture and other household items though the majority of items removed have to be disposed of to rid the risk of further contamination.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a hoarding issue, please contact Bio Scene Clean Up immediately. Our trained technicians can give an on-site assessment and help you develop a plan to eliminate the debris, sanitize the space and protect the health of the hoarder and anyone associated with these conditions.  Many people will not seek the assistance of a professional company because of the stigma associated with hoarding. Bio Scene Clean Up technicians perform gruesome cleanup of death and accident scenes so conditions associated with hoarding are nothing to be ashamed of.  Call us today, we can help. 

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