Friday, March 7, 2014

Why you should choose a Bio cleanup company with construction capabilities

Hiring a biohazard cleanup company with experience in construction can be a huge cost savings to the property owner. Due to the nature of the scenes being cleaned it is often necessary for a biohazard company to work directly with the contractors who perform rehab construction to ensure their safety and diminish the liability of the property owner.

Bio Scene Clean Up understands the nuances of preparing a property for re-occupation and use. Our services include some rehab construction and we have partnered with contractors who are professionally trained to follow all OSHA guidelines.

We pre-clean the areas of crime, trauma, death and suicide scenes as well as work place accidents and other biohazard scenes in effort to assess what type of construction needs to be performed.  We ensure the site to be safe for contractors to complete the necessary rehab of the property and then complete a thorough clean up after the contractors have completed to ensure that the property is safe, decontaminated and ready for occupancy or use.

Construction waste also contains the same types of biohazards found in the scenes we clean and they must be handled, removed and disposed of properly in order to ensure safety and compliance with state and federal regulations. As a party responsible for the cleanup and removal of these materials, there are strict regulations that must be followed, permits that need to be obtained and special tools and equipment necessary to ensure the safety and well being of everyone involved in the rehab and remediation of the property. 

It’s a difficult task that should not be attempted by an untrained individual and is far from a DIY project. It is very difficult to hire a contractor that is unfamiliar with these processes to come in and rehab your property. This is why we suggest that you always hire a biohazard cleaning company like Bio Scene Clean Up who has experience in bot.

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