Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fun & Dangerous Mix of Spring Break in Florida

For decades spring break has been a huge draw to the Florida beaches where we see miles of college students (and some old timers) in a full blown drunken party mode that lasts for days. The question like with whether Spring Break is safe or actually too dangerous for most that attend?

Reality shows like MTV and other popular media glamorize the whole phenomenon of spring breakers to increase ratings and of course profit margins. But, the reality is Spring Break is a time of increased sexually transmitted diseases, drugs and binge drinking that leads to many young people dying each year.

Bio Scene Clean Up services receives numerous calls each year during the spring break season to provide biohazard clean up services.  We’ve been employed to clean up trashed hotel rooms filled with urine, feces, blood and the remains of drugs and other biohazards from local hotels, private rental residences and even public law enforcement vehicle clean up services have been requested.

We specialize in the cleanup, blood, death & suicide scenes and other biohazard related to these types of ongoing parties that happen nationwide each spring. Over the past several years we’ve seen a steady increase in calls for our services and it doesn’t appear that it will lessen anytime soon.

Statistics show that it is common for guys to have in excess of 18 alcoholic drinks and girls in excess of 10 in short periods of time.  These types of drinkers are the typical candidates for unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases, drug overdoses and even crime and death scenes.  This poses the question of safety versus the fun times that the media portrays.

If you own a commercial or residential property that is rented during spring break in Florida contact our office to learn more about the services that we provide and we can help with your biohazard incidents that you may experience from your renters and guests. Our goal is to promote clean, safe environments for our Florida residents.

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