Friday, January 10, 2014

Fact: Auto Suicides and Accidents DO Contain Dangerous Bio-Hazards

Sadly, automobiles are a very common place for suicides. Even what seems to be a simple auto accident can cause contamination if there is a presence of blood and other fluids in the vehicle.  Each scenario is different and the process of cleaning and restoration can range from a simple high steam cleaning of the fabrics to a complex disassemble of the interior and replacement of affected components. 

Vehicles that contain blood saturation most always need to be brought to the BioScene Clean Up facility where our team of professionals can dismantle the components in a clean, safe environment, properly clean and disinfect the areas and install the new replacement components to restore the vehicle to a safe condition. 

Contrary to beliefs, you cannot simply extract blood using steam extraction methods.  Fabric areas affected by blood will need to be completely replaced. If even trace amounts of blood are not removed the site will remain hazardous, cause extreme odors and most probably attract bugs & insects.

We possess and maintain all of the necessary tools and equipment in our restoration facility to access the conditions and determine what components of the vehicle need to be replaced.  We then work to remove all contaminated materials for proper disposal and complete the restoration to a pre-incident condition.

Another misconception pertaining to accidents are contaminants found on a vehicles exterior.  Frequently, these accidents involve pedestrians and animals and can leave behind huge amounts of bio-hazardous contaminants on and underneath the vehicle.  These incidents must be handled the same way as an interior restoration and a full assessment must be made to determine the proper methods of cleaning.

BioScene Clean Up always suggests that you never attempt to clean a vehicle that contains these types of materials.  If proper procedures are not taken to restore the vehicle, it is often times extremely difficult for a professional to restore components that have been improperly cleaned or disinfected.  This leads to additional costs and replacement of components that may not be necessary if assessed and performed by a professional immediately after the accident.

Contact our offices today for more information on how BioScene Clean Up can help you properly clean your accident vehicle.

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