Monday, January 20, 2014

Workplace Accident Clean Up - Tampa, FL

When accidents happen these scenes are dangerous enough, but when an industrial accident happens on a job site or in the workplace there’s an immediate increase in the risk and complications of cleaning the scene. Whether it’s an ordinary accident, crime or other traumatic event, there are state and federal regulations that must be adhered to in effort to return the scene to a safe environment for others.  Because of these regulations, it’s important that a professional company like BioScene Clean Up is hired to restore the scene to a safe environment.
Our technicians are trained to deal with industrial and work place clean up professionally and discreetly as to minimize the impact that may ordinarily occur with other workers.  We realize that these scenes can be very traumatizing to other employees and work diligently to occlude the scene and work as discreetly as possible to complete the cleaning tasks.  In the event that major restoration is eminent, we evaluate and offer a complete plan to remediate the scene without impeding business function.

BioScene Clean Up is familiar with OSHA and EPA guidelines and work in a very professional manner to ensure the safety and protection of your business and employees.  We are also well versed in working with police and emergency personnel and maintain requirements to meet security and high risk entry to the scenes we clean. Our remediation plan is developed to adapt to your particular work practice controls.Our services all you time to focus on the physical and mental well being of your employees while we return your workplace to a completely safe, sanitary environment.

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