Monday, June 1, 2015

Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Bio Scene Clean Up provides Florida Crime Scene Cleaning and the removal of biohazards and waste. As we’ve stated in previous posts, the site of a messy death poses severe danger that you can’t always visually see. Blood-borne pathogens from these scenes can cause infections affect someone for months or years later if not properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Depending on the severity of the death scene, clean up can range from only a couple of hours to 40 or more hours.  The Bio Scene Clean Up technicians have to make certain that the areas are truly clean and properly disinfected, not just apparently clean on the surface. This is equally true of crime scenes, unattended and decomposing death scenes or suicides.

After death, the body swells, insects invade the body, organs self digest and the skin becomes liquefied.  Decomposing bodies expel ammonia gases that create an intense, unforgettable odor. Proper precautions need to be taken in cleaning of these scenes so pathogens are not ingested and the person cleaning the scene doesn’t come into direct contact with any substances or infectious remains.  It is not suggested that a family member, friend or any untrained professional attempt to clean this type of scene.

Bio Scene Clean Up technicians utilize hospital grade disinfectant to clean blood, matter and other materials from walls, ceilings, surfaces, fixtures and any contents contained in the affected area. This also can include the removal of blood-soaked carpeting and rugs, walls, flooring, furniture and any porous components that these bio-hazards cannot be removed from.  Special permits must be obtained and special handling for the disposal of these items must be adhered to.  These are not tasks that an ordinary individual would know.  You cannot simply discard these materials in a dumpster or trash bin because of the potential risk of infection to others, or possibly death not to mention the legal ramifications and fines from authorities if it’s discovered.

Contact a Bio Scene Clean Up representative today for specific information on how we can be of assistance with your Crime, Death or biohazard clean up.

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