Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Workplace and Construction Site Accident Cleanup

Construction in our country is always in high demand. Whether commercial or residential, large or small, this industry has always been in the top percentile of workplace accidents and many contain some form of biohazard issues that must be professionally cleaned up to avoid liability.

Bio Scene Clean Up serves the largest portion of Florida and these accident calls are frequent.  Because of our climate and exceptionally good weather year round, there are construction projects working year round.  We are experienced in many forms of workplace accidents including slip n falls, power tool accidents, deaths by heavy equipment and general accidents that have a presence of blood, tissues and bodily fluids.

These accident scenes must be properly cleaned and all biohazards removed to protect other workers and anyone who may come in contact with pathogens or other possible infections materials that may be present.  These scenarios, when not properly cleaned may potentially be a huge liability for the company or property owner of the construction site.  Some pathogens can become airborne and ingested by others and certain infectious diseases and biohazards from blood or bodily fluids can remain present and dangerous for weeks if not months after an accident occurs.

If blood and fluids are present and not properly cleaned and sanitized the smell from this can linger on for months. It’s important that a professional, experienced biohazard clean up company like Bio Scene Clean Up remediate the scene and return it to a safe environment as soon as possible.  We are specifically trained to find elements that cannot be seen with the naked eye and are a certified biohazard waste disposal company.  These certifications are required for the removal and disposal of most any form of biohazards found at a workplace accident.

If you own a construction company, please contact our company for more information on the areas that we cover and what you’ll need to do immediately if an accident occurs on your job site.  We offer emergency dispatch services 7 days a week to assist our clients. 

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