Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Children and Death from being locked in hot cars

Summertime temperatures in every region of our country have risen over the past several years. With global warming and other environmental elements, the temperatures seem to show a steady increase.  Double the hot temperatures and an automobile with windows rolled up and you have a fatal scenario for children and even elderly that are left alone in hot cars. If an average outside temperature is 90 degrees in a closed car it can reach in excess of 110 degrees in as little as 30 minutes. Children, elderly and even pets left alone in a closed car in this extreme heat are literally dying from heat strokes.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides cleanup services for death, crime, trauma, suicide and many other biohazard incidents.  We receive calls frequently for cleanup of automobiles that contain biohazards from blood and other potentially dangerous bodily fluids after someone had been in an accident, committed suicide or expired in a vehicle.

There are currently huge controversies all across our nation regarding parents and caregivers leaving children in locked cars during extreme heat.  Not that it’s acceptable to do it at all (most people’s opinion), but  there is too much public media and awareness of this for someone to claim they didn’t know. In most cases it is later determined that the parent or caregiver was suffering from emotional disorders, addictions and other problematic scenarios that attributed to the death of these victims.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in cleanup of aftermath from biohazard scenes like this. Our company is certified and licensed for biohazard handling and disposal. Our teams consist of discreet, compassionate professionals who are experienced in dealing with clients during the cleanup of traumatic events and death scenes.  Servicing the entire Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas of Florida, we are able to provide emergency dispatch to meet our client’s needs. 

If you, or someone you know experiences a traumatic event and biohazard cleanup is necessary contact our office immediately. Our staff is trained to aide you in the cleanup and dedicated to the health and safety of everyone surrounding the incident scene.

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