Thursday, June 4, 2015

We’re your Biohazard Clean Up Specialists

Throughout the course of any day, whether pumping gas, running errands or simply driving through a city on the way to a job, our Bio Scene Clean Up logo and uniforms spark the interests of many people.  Some onlookers assume we’re a service that performs some form of environmental or occupational cleaning company, but we’re so much more.

Bio Scene Clean Up offers the following services in Florida:

Crime Scene Clean Up
Trauma Scene Clean Up
Homicide, Murder Scene Clean Up
Suicide Clean Up
Biohazard / Blood Clean Up
Unattended Death Clean Up
Death Scene Clean Up
Workplace Accident Clean Up
Police & Emergency Vehicle Cleaning
Jail Cell Clean Up

Our number one priority is helping our clients recover from traumatic situations while returning these environments to clean, safe pre-incident conditions.  Our services help clients overcome the emotional and physical hazards associated with these scenes in a professional and compassionate manner.

We’re often asked by people we come in contact with, “Why do you choose to do this line of work?” and our response is always the same…because we are passionate about helping our clients and we are dedicated in the promotion of safe, contaminate free area after tragedies occur.

An ordinary Bio Scene Clean Up client would be an individual who has to handle the cleanup of a death or suicide scene or an employer who needs remediation after a work place accident.  We also deal with Police Departments, Fire Departments and Emergency Personnel, Funeral Homes or other governmental agencies needing biohazard clean up services. Due to the sensitive nature of our client’s grievance, we are required to be extremely empathetic and understanding about these situations.  We try to convey through our work ethic and actions the same compassion that we would offer if it were our own family member or workplace experiencing the trauma.

If you or someone you know in Florida needs assistance in remediation of these types of scenes, please contact us immediately. We will work discreetly to handle all processes of clean up and are available for immediate dispatch to the scene.

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