Thursday, March 24, 2016

What happens to all biohazard waste once removed from a scene?

Crime, trauma, blood and biohazard cleanup companies like Bio Scene Clean Up assist people in dealing with the aftermath and cleanup of biohazards. But what actually happens to the biohazard waste once removed from the scene?

Our technicians are specifically trained to follow state and local guidelines for waste disposal. Organizations like OSHA leave it up to individual companies to determine what is or is not contaminated however, improper disposal carries stiff fines if an investigation determines a company’s mishandling in the disposal process.

When biohazard cleanup companies remove articles from a scene, it is determined at that time what is actually a contaminated article that needs special disposal. For example, a piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa may contain a blood stain. The area of the furniture that contains blood would be considered contaminated, so technicians remove the contaminated area and properly dispose while the remaining portion of the furniture can be disposed of by regular trash removal methods.

Any materials from a death, blood, crime or other trauma scenes that are contaminated are collected in proper, clearly marked biohazard containers. Once these materials leave the scene they are either take to a facility that collects and disposes of biohazard materials or they utilize mobile biohazard pick up and transport services to come collect the materials and transport for proper disposal.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains all of the necessary certifications and permits for biohazard material handling and disposal. Our company contracts with a certified biohazard disposal company who picks up contaminated materials and delivers them to a processing facility for proper disposal. Because of this every changing world and the uncertainty of what you may be dealing with, it is always recommended that you hire a professional, certified biohazard cleanup company.

If you attempt to clean up and dispose of biohazards without following the proper protocol, you may be endangering the health and safety of others as well as be subject to legal action from authorities for the improper disposal.

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