Thursday, March 31, 2016

Are employees allowed to clean up blood at work?

How many times have you seen an accident happen at work that involved blood? If you work in a construction or mechanical industry, chances are it’s a lot! Bio Scene Clean Up provides industrial clean up services in Oldsmar, Florida and surrounding areas.

Every person who owns and operates a business with employees should have an emergency  blood/biohazard clean up protocol in place. Unless your employees are specifically trained and certified in blood and biohazard remediation, it is never a good idea to have employees clean up blood and other bodily fluids in the workplace.

Because the health condition of most people is not known, any blood or bodily fluids should be cleaned up by a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up. We are experienced in the removal and disposal of biohazard materials and are certified to return a biohazard scene to a safe area for other employees. If you allow an untrained employee to perform the clean up task, you not only are putting their health at risk, but may be held liable in the event that the employees health becomes compromised. This is also true for allowing other employees to come in contact with a biohazard scene in the workplace.

In the event of an accident involving blood and bodily fluids, the best possible thing you can do is get the injured person medical attention immediately then seal off the affected area to keep others safe. Contact Bio Scene Clean Up immediately for emergency dispatch so we can properly clean the accident scene and restore it to pre-incident, biohazard free condition.

For more information about workplace accidents and help with establishing the proper protocol for your business visit the OSHA website for complete instructions or contact our office to establish an emergency procedure protocol for your employees.

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