Friday, March 18, 2016

How to select a good biohazard cleanup company

Having been in the Crime Scene and biohazard clean up industry for over a decade, Bio Scene Clean Up has worked hundreds of clean up scenes. Surprisingly, several of the jobs performed were as a result of non-reputable cleaning companies who did not follow proper protocols and techniques when cleaning these scenes.

If crime, trauma, suicide and other biohazard scenes are not properly cleaned, weeks, months, and even a year later clients have reported horrible odors, infestations of bugs, stains and other problems that all stem from the fact that the original cleaning company did not properly remediate.

How do you know if you are hiring a legitimate clean up company?  There are a few things to look for when selecting a company. Bio Scene Clean Up has built a reputation following these same tips.

1. Search for a company that holds certifications in biohazard cleaning.

2. Ask your law enforcement of grief management staff at the scene who they would suggest.

3. Ask the company for references from other clients they’ve worked for.  Individuals may not feel comfortable sharing their experience, but a reputable company should be able to provide you with references of companies, apartment managers and other industrial business owners who have used the company’s services.

4. Ask the company representative if they are familiar with working with insurance claims and what happens if the insurance company denies the claim. If they aren’t familiar then chances are they aren’t certified, will cut corners and discount the price greatly. (Referencing the jobs we perform after these companies provide inadequate services)

5. Pay attention to the compassion of the person you are interviewing to hire. Larger national companies do not always provide the best service.  Locally owned companies that are certified and have a small staff usually do this type of work because they are compassionate about the clients and have a desire to ensure the safety and good health of their community.  You should be able to tell if the person is just working a job, or if they are professional, compassionate and relate to your level of grief and concern.

Not all companies are the same. Building a reputation in the biohazard clean up industry takes hard work, dedication and it’s not something that just anyone can do.  Bio Scene Clean Up has provided these professional, compassionate services for over a decade throughout Florida.  We’ve worked on hundreds of jobs relating to death, trauma, suicide, meth labs, hoarding, animals, gross filth and negligence and more. Contact our office immediately if you have a situation that requires this type of cleaning.  Never attempt to clean these scenes on your own. It will put your health and the health of others at a much greater risk.

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