Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break, Drunk Driving & Biohazards

Each year there is a steady increase in dunk driving accidents during the spring break season. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood and biohazard cleaning in Clearwater, Florida and surrounding areas. Most of the calls we receive regarding drunk driving accidents involve blood clean up and other biohazard materials from vehicles, streets and emergency vehicles used for transport.

Anytime a vehicle accident involves blood cleanup, it’s imperative that a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Scene Clean Up perform the job. Blood mixed various elements from accidents such as broken glass and car interiors can carry traces of potentially harmful biohazards for weeks after an accident. If the vehicle or accident scene is not properly cleaned, there is a risk of exposure to others who may come in contact with these elements.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in removing all traces of harmful biohazards from accident and transport vehicles. With professional grade chemicals, strict protocols and following the guidelines of proper cleanup we help ensure that vehicle and property owners are at risk for potential liabilities to others. Removing traces of blood and other biohazards from vehicles is a difficult task and without proper training, someone attempting to clean it is putting themselves at serious risk.

Drunk driving not only affects the driver, it also endangers the lives of passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. With inexpensive methods of transportation like Uber, Lyft and reduced cab fares in resort and vacation areas, we advise anyone who plans on drinking even one drink to not drive. Drivers fail to realize, especially during spring break that not only may they be impaired, but so may other drivers or pedestrians and this exponentially increases the chances of deadly, life changing accidents.

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