Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Myths and Facts About Suicide or Depression

Depression in Americans today is more common than Cancer, AIDS or Diabetes combined. It’s estimated that nearly 400,000+ people attempt suicide in the United States each year.

Suicides peak during the major holidays

There are certain times of the year that suicides spike and are more common, but during the holidays isn’t that time. Statistics show that suicides in December are usually at their lowest and seem to peak in the spring months.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides suicide cleanup services in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, FL areas. We also find that we receive fewer suicide cleanup calls during the winter months in Florida.

Suicide rates are higher with altitude

It’s been discovered that the greater the altitude of someone’s home, the higher the suicide rate seems to be. This is particularly true in cities with high rise living. These suicide rates ranked higher than those of increased gun ownership or of a lower population density.

Teens are the highest risk of suicide

This is actually just the opposite. Elderly people are more likely to commit suicide than any other age group.  Teenagers are still a high risk group, but ordinarily Caucasian men over the age of 85 have the highest percentage. Our professionals who provide suicide cleanup services agree with these statistics. The majority of suicide clean up jobs we perform are for elderly victims, most of whom have major health issues and are alone.

Depression is always the cause of suicide

It is true that two out of every three people that commit suicide are depressed but other factors such as alcoholism, failed marriages, financial devastation also attribute to suicide.

Bio Scene Clean Up is experienced in death cleanup and remediation. We realize the emotional devastation that people face when having to deal with the aftermath of traumatic events like these. If you experience a loss from suicide, death or other trauma, contact our compassionate team of experts for assistance immediately.

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