Monday, November 17, 2014

Biohazardous Waste Cleaning & Disposal Services

Bio Scene Clean Up provides removal and disposal of biohazard waste from numerous scenes such as crime, death, trauma, suicide and even from medical facilities or companies who do not possess the means to dispose of biohazard waste.

There are several types of waste as well as different means of handling and disposal of each. When we perform cleanup and disposal services we are trained to completely remove all traces of biohazards, blood and bodily fluids. Depending on the type of site being cleaned we sometimes have to remove furniture, structural elements and even dirt or soil from affected areas.

Blood and other pathogens, when leaked outside of the human body, if infectious, can carry harmful pathogens for days to weeks. Most people don’t realize that even in soil these biohazards can still pose a great danger to anyone who comes in contact with the site. Our trained professionals use state of the art equipment for discovering blood and other matter that can be hazardous and follow strict protocols that are set by State and Federal authorities for the clean up process.

In addition to the normal clean up services for blood and bodily fluids, we also provide cleanup for emergency transport vehicles, jail cells, police cruisers and even workplace accident scenes. We provide biohazard remediation to any area that may contain a potential hazard of being harmful to others. These scenes, if not properly cleaned, may also have future problems such as odors, insect infestations, and infectious diseases that can appear days, weeks or even several months after an incident.

If you experience a traumatic incident or are exposed to a situation that requires blood, bodily fluid or other form of biohazard cleanup, contact us immediately for assistance.  There are too many potential dangers involved in attempting the cleanup yourself so make certain you hire a certified biohazard cleaning expert like Bio Scene Clean Up.

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