Thursday, November 20, 2014

The dangers of bedbugs and why professional treatment is needed

We’ve all heard the saying “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”  and have laughed it off as an old saying that has been passed down from generation to generation.  The fact is, these creepy critters have actually become a dangerous nuisance over the past few decades and seems to be rapidly getting worse.

Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup of blood, crime, death, trauma and other biohazard sites. Because we are experienced in biohazard waste handling and removal, we are able to assist with sites that contain these types of hazards as well.  Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that multiply at a rapid pace and infestations are common, especially in elements like bedding and other materials that come into contact with human skin.  These insects can be found in all sorts of places and can live for months without having the presence of blood.

In past years an insecticide called DDT was used to treat these biohazard carrying insects but that chemical has been banned causing the return of these insects in a greater number of cases than ever before.  The bugs are extremely tiny and posses a hinged beak and stylet that pierces the skin finding blood vessels and they suck until full. Because they carry blood if the bug bites someone else there is a potential for secondary infections caused from scratching and pathogens that can be carried in blood.

Bio Scene Clean Up maintains the proper equipment to help remediate these types of sites and the experience to properly clean, disinfect and return an infected site to a safe habitable area.  Bed bugs are good hitchhikers. Often people carry them unknowingly in their luggage. This can be baggage when you are traveling, a briefcase, a backpack or just clothing. They can be picked up in public transportation sometimes or in theaters. They will travel on pipes and wiring and conduits from one apartment to another.

If you experience an infestation of these insects you can see why you will need professional biohazard assistance.  Getting rid of the infestations isn’t as simple are removing a mattress or piece of furniture. To avoid the risk of spreading the insects to other areas contact our office immediately for assistance with biohazard cleanup.

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